"Politician’s In My Eye"

If you have not seen the Death doc, you really should.  

The sound of this track is so right on time for my ears.

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Jun 24


"Sail On"

Epic funk country.  Lionel Richie is the shit.

May 20

I’m not over this….

I’m just taking a break.

I started this blog to re-connect to the community of artists and music lovers that I care so much about. Well…it worked. Now, I find myself blessed to be busy producing, mixing, and recording some amazing artists.

One day soon I hope to return to sharing the music that I discover on a daily basis, but until then I want to thank all the awesome people who have read this little blog and supported me getting back in the game. I am forever thankful.



"Hey Love"

On repeat. 

"Wet & Dripping" (New Version)


While this new version of “Wet & Dripping” from Portland experimental folk outfit Aan’s upcoming record, is not terribly different from the version that appeared on their 2010 EP I Could Be Girl For Youit does reach out from the crowd of music noise and say “Play me again!”.  Loving those bass/guitar stabs.  

While your enjoying this cut, check out their new Mystery Life 7”.


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*****NEW FAVORITE*****


"California Daze"

How did I not know about this band from Birmingham, England?!!  I have been listening to Peace’s debut Ep Delicious non-stop for the last week.  Released by Columbia last September, the four song exploration of all great things British rock culminates, for me, in this nod to Zeppelin’s “Rain Song”.

Really though the whole EP is quite ridiculous…like these guys are gonna be super famous ridiculous.  And who the hell produced/engineered/mixed this?  It sounds amazing.  Are we seeing the return of guitars via a Stone Roses nostalgia lens??  Let’s hope so.

I am gushing…yeah, but you know I never do that, so it has to carry some weight.

Peace are expected to release their debut full length on 3/25/13 via Columbia.  Check the forst single "Wraith".   

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Hundred Waters


Back in May of last year I had the honor of producing a 7” for Hundred Waters at Stadium Red in Harlem.  We recorded alternate acoustic versions of Vistor and Caverns from their debut full length.  

Yours Truly was on hand to capture the gorgeous solo piano performance that followed, just the second and final take from Nicole.

You can order the limited Stadium Red Sessions vinyl release directly from Small Plates

*****KARATE CHOPS*****



Been sitting on this charming lo-fi psych LP for a couple weeks, but it’s time for another Karate Chops so we must share.

While Only Children comes off like classic 60’s folk-pop psych at first blush, (or demoes from a new Tame Impala record) it never loses it’s way and is quite the satisfying listen.  

This is the type of record vinyl enthusiasts live for, inviting, sly, and better with every listen.


"The Waves"

The track’s rad, the video is rad.  Loving the forward thinking sound. Looking forward to the LP Awayland out on Domino on 4/9/13.

Michael McDonald

"Sweet Freedom"

There is so much right and wrong with this 80’s gem.



I’m a little late to the party on this one, but it’s still worth posting the hypnotic debut from this Brooklyn duo.  The St. Lucia-produced track conjures vibes of Stevie Nicks doing a collab with Thompson Twins.  

Check the video too.

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Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra

"Do It With A Rockstar" (NSFW)

There is a shit-ton of awesome going on here.

So smart from Indoor Voices on Vimeo.

Check out this video for “So Smart” from Indoor Voices new EP S/T which I mixed:


Indoor Voices - So smart

Judging by how much I’ve been posting them lately, my inbox has been flooded over with excellent music videos. Here is the latest from Toronto artist Jonathan Relph in a collaboration with director Scott Kaija and feating the dead-eyed gaze of Irene Cortes that I’m thrilled to premiere for y’all. Heady, beautiful stuff.

Get this self-titled EP on ltd. wax from Bleeding Gold Records.

Previously: “After (feat. Sandra Vu)”



I must admit, I was not crazy about Mike Diaz’s, aka Millionyoung, previous LP effort Replicants.  However, if this first single from his forthcoming Variable LP, out on Old Flame Records on Feb. 12th, is any indication, I am probably gonna be a fan. 

This is just the right amount of relax.

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Yeah so I have been a crappy absentee blogger since my work in the studio has been picking up over the past few months.  In an effort to not suck I have enlisted the help of my fellow music nerd discovery machine, Josh Iden, to submit some jams under the guise of KARATE CHOPSS  (the extra s is for none of your business).  For now, it will still be me writing the content but Mr. Iden will be doing the discovery since I am obviously doing such a half-assed job.

Let’s begin:

Antique Pony

"Happy Families"

These kids, yes, kids are from Glasgow, Scotland and they seem to have a fuck everything mentality, except that their debut effort, Museum Of Blood is pretty fucking awesome.

Coming across like a blend of 70’s Itali-B horror movie soundtrack and The Unicorns Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?the art-rock weirdo three piece seem to have a knack for writing challenging tracks that still manage to keep you listening.  

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