Jessica Pratt

"Night Faces"

This is how you do stripped down and honest…with talent and passion.


Doesn’t this sound like if Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham never joined Fleetwood Mac, and instead retired to a small farm where they continued to herd sheep for a living and occasionally sing by the campfire?


"Rock You Like A Hurricane"

Every time I look out the window I hear this song in my head, but I hear it sung by my brother in this really annoying exaggerated “huurracahyayeen”.  Ahhhh, memories.

Isaac Delusion

"Early Morning"

These guys were on my short CMJ FAIL list of bands I never got to see, total bummer. However, you and I can put this beauty of lazy comfort pop on repeat and pretend that didn’t happen.  Check out their Early Morning EP out on Cracki Records.

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*** Tuesday CMJ Radness ***

Chad Valley

"I Owe You"

Check out George Lewis Jr. on the new Chad Valley track.  Chad Valley is the shit.


LISTEN UP! Collaborated with Chad Valley on the track, “I Owe You This” for his upcoming album, Young Hunger.


"The Fall"

Need something to float away to on those soon-to-be brisk fall morning walks to the subway?  Then press play.  

Rhye are back with The Fall EP, out 10/9.  Sounding like a cross between early Feist and El Perro Del Mar, "The Fall" is a slick blend of groove and whisper.



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Susanne Sundfør

"White Foxes"

Love this.

I Am A Camera

"Crushing Pills Mixtape"

I don’t ever post mixtapes, not for any real reason other than perhaps having a short attention span.  However, after pressing play on I Am A Camera’s blend of electro, R&B, dance and other fantastic moments of dim-light sexiness, I was compelled to share.


THEESatisfaction - Queens 
Elektric Music - TV 
I Am A Camera - Commuter Love 
Frank Ocean - Novacane 
The Beloved - Sweet Harmony 
Jai Paul - Jasmine ( Demo ) 
Aaliyah - Try Again 
Daft Punk - Teachers 
Annie Christian - Why Don’t You Call Me? 
Bjork & Thom Yorke - ‘I’ve Seen It All’ 
Bobbie Gentry - ‘Hushabye Mountain’ 

Katyna Ranieri & Riz Ortolani - ‘Oh My Love’ 

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Jacco Gardner

"Where Will You Go"

A good friend played this for me the other day and it was a pretty immediate response of …”Oh yeah…this is dope”.  It’s an undeniable melange of classic 60’s psych, and yes, I don’t think that get’s old.

I am guessing this little Tame Impala-esq jam from the 24-year old Dutchman will cause you to have a similar reaction.

Grab the the limited 7” pressing from the awesome, Chicago-based, Trouble In Mind.

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Astronauts, etc

"You Can Yell"

I’ve watched this like four times already.  It’s the soundtrack to the flashback montage in my head three minutes ago when I was feeling all dramatic.

Also check out the slick "Mystery Circle"

(more info)

Ms Mr
Stream their new cut exclusively from their tumblr.

Ms Mr


Stream their new cut exclusively from their tumblr.


Tame Impala

"Elephant" (Todd Rundgren Remix)

What! Todd Rundgren remixing?????   This is pretty dope.  Todd Rungren is one of my all-time studio heroes, Bat Out Of Hell, "Hello It’s Me"…come on dude is a genius.

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"Your Drums, Your Love"

You know those tracks that you liked right away but didn’t realize that you really liked till the second time you played it?  Yeah, so double play play this cut, allowing enough time between, and see if I’m wrong.

Thanks to @jpage fpor reminded me.


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