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Atlas Genius


I like Atlas Genius a lot.  This is the second track from their debut EP, Through The Glass, that I’ve posted.  I’m into their simple, yet affected sound.  

Catch them on tour now and pick up their debut EP at iTunes.

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zero’s 

"Dear Believer" (Timmy The Terror Remix)

I have been sitting on this smoothness for a bit now because I am such an absentee blogger, but it deserves to be up.  


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"Hippies is Punks"

I agree 100% with everything below


Wavves’ “Hippies is Punks”, is the latest track off of Adult Swim’s 2012 singles program. Ever since his Life Sux EP, I have been loving every single move Nathan Williams has been making, and this track continues his trend towards to fuzzy 90’s pop, at it’s loudest and most anthemic. Reminds me very much of Pinkerton-era Weezer.

Download the track here.

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High Diner

"Purple Rain"

This “Get Back”-esq jam from Boston’s High Diner is a great way to put a little kick into that strut.  Check out the full length, Purple Creek.


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Elliot Smith

"Between The Bars"

I am going to spare you from trying to explain the impact that Elliot Smith had on me when I first heard his music way back in the mid-nineties, but know that his music can capture the emotional payload of a moment and deliver it unfaded by time decades later, something I was reminded of a few days ago.

Monday would have been Elliot Smith’s 43rd birthday and, according to P4K, Kill Rock Stars is doing a bunch of cool promotions for Mr. Smith’s catalog, including some first-time vinyl releases.

It’s terribly sad when you lose a genius like Elliot Smith, but I am always comforted by the fact that his music has an immortality that few things created will ever enjoy.

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"The Beat Comes"

Glad to see Jordan put out these tracks.  Looking forward to the LP.


It’s been almost six years since Snowden’s stunning debut album Anti-Anti was released (remember Jade Tree?). But here we have the first single taken from the band’s sophomore comeback, No One In Control, and “The Beat Comes” picks up right where AA left off (delicious polyrhythms, a danceable post-punk drive, and Jordan J’s pitch-shifting voice).

I’m calling this album a “comeback” because so much has changed in the way music is consumed, regurgitated and often forgotten in the past six years. It’s almost unfair that an artist nowadays can’t really spend more than two-three years making a record because people have become so wrapped up in music that’s new and artificially important, but Snowden still sound impenetrable without having really changed one bit. I think that’s essential, and Anti-Anti is still such a strong piece of work. If “The Beat Comes” is your first intro to the group then I urge you to get acquainted with Anti-Anti.

No One in Control is due in the fall through the Serpents & Snakes label. 

Zulu Pearls

"Magic Tricks"

Berlin via Washington D.C. based Zach Van Hoozer aka Zulu Pearls sweeps in to the US this week to play a few East Coast dates including two In NYC.  Tonight you can catch them at Bowery Electric and tomorrow at Glasslands.

Their new LP No Hereos No Honeymoons,  is an infectious bit of 70’s inspired slacker pop, it really compliments a sunny day of drinking.

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This Dan Auerbach produced track came out last fall, but it’s perfect summer listening. Check out their Shakedown LP out on Collective Sounds.

via gbabuts:

Tame Impala

"Apocalypse Dreams"

Oh what’s that?  There is a new Tame Impala track and it’s already been minted by the big dog blogs?

Yeah, I’m posting that anyway ‘cause I’m a straight fan of Tame Impala and it’s the first single off their new Lonerism LP out in October on Modular. Trade your email add for it.

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Young Hunting


Stumbled across this last week on a bandcamp search for some dreamy summer music.  

If your still worked over from a long week of festivities put this relaxed-out pop gem from the L.A. five-piece on repeat and slip into the new work week.  Get It.

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James Brown

"Living In America"

What better way to celebrate our independence than with the Godfather of Soul, James Brown.

Little known fact: 4 of the top 5 highest grossing sports movies of all time are the first four Rocky Movies…a real american story.

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Vintage-inspired with modern execution, I am totally digging this slice of Itali-disco instrumentalism from Norwegian group Atella. Get it.

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Dead Times


Nice and slow…dark and brooding.  Perfect Monday tune.


A trend seems to be emerging out of our little micro-genre; a trend that we’re all too eager to get behind. This paradigm renders itself through the blend of RnB aesthetics and bass music production. Dead Times, US native’s and all around solid guys, are the perfect example of this recent movement. Although they do utilize tidy vocals, that doesn’t necessarily mean they rely on them to carry their production. Rather, musicality is brought to the forefront along with the ghostly verbal melodies. In the instance of their new gem “Freefall” this certain ethic is exemplified to the T. Raw bass rhythms mixed with breathy harmonics layer themselves across the soundscape like a warm blanket, coating the listeners’ ear with the temperate touch of oozy reverb. For more RnB inspired hymns and a download of the track above, find the boys on Soundcloud.

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