David Douglas

"California Poppy"

Stumbled upon this beauty from Dutch artist David Douglas over at Pasta Primavera and Laurent nails it:

The electronics tipping the scales of David Douglas’ Royal Horticultural …Society all sound familiar…the beats have been struck before…the synths have buzzed my ears once or twice in the past…I have heard this so many times in so many forms…so many speakers echoed these sounds…yet why is it so fresh…

…its beautifully crafted electronic dance/chill music that is molded and chipped and massaged so wonderfully that every song on it makes you just want to close your eyes and fall backwards into a sleepwalking dance.

Get it.

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Slow Magic

"On Yr Side"

Check the new single from everyone’s favorite purveyor of never ending summer sunshine. 

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I was all over last years “Hands”, a slick-funk pop gem that introduced me to the fantastic Australian band Hands.  

This week Alpine returned with the first single, “Gasoline”, a slow summer afternoon groove, from their forthcoming debut LP A Is For Alpine, out August 10th on Ivy League Records.  

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"All Too Real"

Just plain fun.


One-man production multi-tasker Darren Harts creates radio-friendly electro pop from his Melbourne bedroom studio, but his energetic, sustained hooks are more than capable enough to stand toe-to-toe with the best from VHS or Beta or Friendly Fires.

(via whothehell)


"I Don’t Need Love"

The good people over at IntoTheWoods.tv have been doing a video series called Feels Like Home in which, you guessed it, they film bands performing at their homes.  

Recently, they documented the excellant Portland-based experimental psych-rock band Aan performing the catchy first track, from their forthcoming LP Amor Ad Nauseum, amongst a sea of ballons.

I suggest you also check out the studio cut of "I Don’t Need Love" over at their bandcamp.

Patrick Baker

"Get 2 Know U"

Dig this perfect blend of How Will I Know meets 80’s sitcom theme meets 80’s summer rom-com falling in love montage music.  

Baker, a nashville-based singer songwriter producer, tip-toes the line of retro cheesy and nostalgically awesome quite well.  Get the track free at bandcamp.

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"The Theory Of Relativity"

Here is the first single off of Stars new LP The North. Very M83.  Very good.

Get it for your email.


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DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince


Classic summer jam…back when Will Smith was just a rapper.  


Jessie Ware

"Wildest Moments"

This is just brilliant.  The next Del Rey?


"Settle Down" (FAKE Remix)

Here is a chilled out reworking of Kimbra’s Settle Down which seems to convey the opposite of the original’s message…  

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Royal Headache

"Down The Lane"

Been sitting on this gem for too long, but after seeing this bombastic pop Australian 4 piece rip through their set last night during Northside festival, I gotta share this track.    

Grab their LP out on What’s Your Rupture? and try to catch them while they’re still in the US.

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Tropic of Pisces


Check this electro-tinged tropical summer jam from Matthew Scheiner’s (Mon Khmer, Oberhofer) Tropic of Pisces.  Look for the forth coming Marking debut EP and check the other single, the bubbly ”Symmetry

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Royal Canoe


Caleb from Epic Concoction turned me on to this 6 piece from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Their 4 song Extended Play, available at their bandcamp, is a clever blend of aesthetics and genres executed with a confidence and expertise usually reserved for more established groups.  

Reminiscent of a more jubilent Grizzly Bear, the 4 song EP is quite the impressively solid effort.  I highly suggest you check it.

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Atlas Genius

"Back Seat"

I predict I will be into this cut for a while.


Can data predict hits?

My friends at social music analytics company Next Big Sound think so. They wrote a post about trend data on this song, and how the numbers predict it’s hot enough to hype. I’ve thought a lot about this, and how a lot of services are working on predictive analytics that might take the music biz in the direction of Moneyball. On the one hand, it seems that they’re simply interpreting wildly far-flung play stats that grow organically on their own. If it worked, we’d likely see more home-grown success stories. But on the other, my jaded side thinks that what’s more likely is that these sorts of analytics only reenforce the industry status quo. The players with the money will always dominate the playlists because they have the PR power to get their artists up on P4K, Vevo, Spin, Rolling Stone and the like on a regular basis. 

What do you think?

This Adelaide, Australian band’s new Through the Glass EP comes out on June 12th.

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