Been on a minimal electro-dance kick lately and San Francisco’s Chautauqua is filling my need for more Chromatics/Kraftwerk-esq vibery.

Check the debut self-titled EP, released on Voltaire, over at the label’s Soundcloud.


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Company B


Emerging out of NYC Latino neighborhoods in the early 80’s, freestyle music rode the wave of breakdancing and hip hop to solidify itself as electronic music force.  

Commonly remembered as roller skating music, freestyle combined syncopated percussion and electronic elements to create rhythms that could be danced to fast or slow.

Freestyle quickly spread and soon Miami was an epicenter of the movement, Company B's classic “Fascinated” is a great example of Miami freestyle.

Wann hear more?  Come hang out at Duck Duck in Brooklyn tomorrow night as I spin some NYC freestyle and my homeboy Microphone Mike drops that Miami sound.  Roller jams all night.

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*****NEW FAVORITE*****

Daughn Gibson

"Lite Me Up"

After weeks of hearing about Daughn Gibson and missing his recent visit to NYC, I finally got around to listening to his new 7” he is putting out on Dull Knife and…damn…it’s pretty fantastic.  Make sure you also check out the amazing downtempo B side "Mark Of A Man" .

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The name says it all.


Check the hot new track Parisian beatmaker Onra, just dropped. It’s a space-age disco ride on a warm summer night. I dig the breaks and vocal samples that give it a super funky Soultrain vibe. 

Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to check my interview with Onra from a few weeks back. His description of what his music would be if it were a food is awesome.

 Onra’s Deep in the Night EP drops 6/12 via Fool’s Gold Records.

Onra | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


"Don’t Stop"

Awesome piece of 70’s flavored disco dance party…


and something more disco revival, complete with sequenced strings, en vogue uses of French (re:ABBA’s Voulez-Vous), and overt nods to the Bee Gees.




Cooley sly, I dig the vibe.  Catch them next week at Glasslands 6/1.

Quality viewing…with Billy Corgan.

Masha Qrella

“Crooked Dreams”

Some good pop right here. 



Berlin-based songwriter Masha Qrella has announced the release of her long-awaited Analogies album, out on June 5th with Morr Music. Her first original studio material since 2005, Qrella has offered the first single “Crooked Dreams” for free mp3 download from her forthcoming album. A founding member of Berlin-based bands Mina and Contriva, Qrella first stepped out as a singer/songwriter in her own right with the release of her first solo album Luck. After two more full-lengths, Unsolved Remained and Speak Low, a collection of beautifully-rendered Kurt Weill and Frederick Loewe cover songs released in 2009, the latest Analogies LP truly marks a high point in her career.

posted by Gabriel A.

Blood Orange

"Forget It" (Class Actress Remix)

Here is another fantastic remix that surfaced last week.  Dev Hynes aka Blood Orangeor as I can never forget, from Test Icicles…damn I loved that group, gets all neo-80’s out courtesy of Brooklyn’s Class Actress.

Love that laid back vibe that says…close your eyes and take another sip, it will all be just fine.

via the lovely banacrisp:

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Night Panther


This is pretty dope, like a lite Toro Y Moi


Look at this cover art!  Just look at it!  ”The sexy” is feelin’ you, bb. But don’t take this tongue-in-cheek artwork as a joke. While it may be “fueled by sex, synths and Phil Collins,” duo Farzad Houshiarnejad and Mike Cammarata are zoned into a sound that feels about as velvety as their jackets. This is hot pop. Look out for more from these Philly boys soon.

Heard that people “flipped their shit” at their debut house party show a couple weeks ago, so I highly advise that you catch them tomorrow night at Johnny Brenda’s in Philly opening for We Are SerenadesStay up to date on their Tmblr.

Ian McGlynn

Gold Morning Mend (TEEEL Remix)

Got this wonderful spring jam from TEEEL last week.  Rarely do I think remixes elevate the song past the original, but I think TEEEL nailed this.  Really great vibe and really great pocket, well done.  Slightly reminiscent of this smash from Filter years ago.

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Turnip King (x-Beach Moms)


Some things are just simple and fun and don’t require a lot of thought.  After listening to "Seasons" from Sea Cliff NY’s Turnip King (who recently changed their name from Beach Moms) about a dozen times, it is still as vibrant as it was the first time through.  

Sure we have all heard that fuzzy surf garage sound done and done again to death over the last few years, but something about Lucia Arias’s vocals make this just a little more memorable, a little more fun.  

It’s starting to feel like summer.  Get it. 

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Such Hounds

"Sleeping with Me"

Here is a sweet BK band you may want to get to know a little better.  I have been tracking these guys for a bit and dig their Tom Petty meets Band Of Horses style.

They have a 3 song EP you can get for free over at their bandcamp, which they pull off magnificently live.  You can find out for yourself at Cameo of the 14th of May.  I’ll be there to tell you I told you so. 

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Capital Cities

"Kangaroo Court"

The slick-pop song crafters from L.A. ride out again with their new single “Kangaroo Court”.  It dropped late this March on their own Lazy Hooks label.  

To me these guys really understand their sound, the place they are writing from, and where they want to go.  I think they are only gonna get better.

Check out the sweet remix Shook did for the track as well. 


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Twin Shadow

"Five Seconds"

I’ve been a big fan of Twin Shadow so I’m hard pressed to not post the new single.  

I saw them last week at Glasslands…and they we incredibly impressive.  I had not seen them in a year and it was a year before that since the first time I saw them play.  The difference is staggering.  Great band.  

4AD will release the new LP Confess July10th.  Get the single free.

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