Jeremy Schmidt

"Beyond The Black Rainbow"

This is a scene from Beyond The Black Rainbow, the music was done by Jeremy Schmidt of Sinoia Caves and Black MountainLove this track.


Billy Ocean

"Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)"

I know have been away from the blog for more than a bit…it sucks, but between vacation and new studio projects, life’s been good.  

Let’s ease back into some music awesomeness with this ultra-pop mid 80’s spring love jam that pretty much sums up my vibe for the last few weeks.  Dig it. 

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Pure Bathing Culture

"Ivory Coast"

Excited for this release.


This dreamy single from Portland duo Daniel Hindman and Sarah Versprille is hittin’ the spot right now. Gauzy white sunshine and pastel blossoms. You didn’t know you needed an anthem for springtime, did you?

Their brand new self-titled EP comes out on May 22nd on Father/Daughter Records - you can pre-order the vinyl right here.



Let’s start off the week with this great percussive 80’s-inspired summer jam from California sister-trio Haim.  It’s clear and tight production feel like a welcome respite from a seemingly universal assault of woozy, verbed out groups.  

According to their bio, they cut their teeth playing with their parents traveling band, reminiscent of The Kings Of Leon story.  Well, they are on their own now and have released a three song EP you can grab for the price of your email at their site.

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"Too Long (Daft Punk Cover)" 

This is dope.


An entirely different take on an old classic. Cadillac has brought the tempo down and added some synth elements to give the song a tropical feel, which is great since summer started earlier this month here. 


Van She

"Idea of Happiness"

I used to mix this band from London back in ‘07 and they used to gush about the Van She non-stop.  I mean they really were into them bordering on jealousy.  Every now again I would think… what ever happened to that band with the cool name?  Well today I got my answer…they’re still kicking ass. 


Van She is so glossy pop.  I love this chorus.


"Blue Meanies"

Here is a new cut from Kody Nielson and co.’s forthcoming Electric Hawaii out April 21st. Get it.

Been crushing on this group for quite some time, I think the LP is gonna be psych-pop gold.  Check out the rad video for the previously released "Getaway".

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London Bridges

"Hold Me Close"

This is damn sexy…the kind of mood setter that puts the bed in bedroom.  

Check out the beautifully restrained downtempo LoveSongs EP over and bandcamp.

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Been rocking out this poolside 80s dream pop jam since I heard it last week over at IGIF.  It’s really not getting old.  Keep in the loop at their Sndcld    

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"Deadites" (FAKE Remix)

Last week I launched a new remix project called FAKE.  The name comes from the fact they are not traditional remixes, but more audio collage where the source stems are chopped up into new melodies and new rhythm parts.  Check out the most recent one I did for TEEEL’s “Deadites”.

Hit me up and let me know what you think!

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"Everyone Knows"

Vacationer, the collaborative project between The Starting Line’s Kenny Vasoli and Brooklyn dance-pop trio Body Language, have released their debut LP Gone on Downtown Records.  

Gone brings to mind the recent work of The Morning Benders and a bit of Vampire Weekend, regardless of any comparisons, I’m loving the vibe.

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“All Figured Out” (Bonus Track)

Not mad at this little slice of relaxation at all.  

Snag Brooklyn’s Tanlines awesome debut LP Mixed Emotions, out today, 3/20, on True Panther Sounds.

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favorite song right now, favorite

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"Caught Me Thinkin’"

Subtle and sweet…perfect for the early spring.

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"Perfect World"


Reminds of this.

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World Tour


Caught this this early 90’s tropical slow-builder over at Pasta Primavera the other day, (who you should follow if you don’t), and have been spinning it all week.

I am really digging what they are doing over at World Tour’s label Cascine, who will release the Believe EP on April 10th. 

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