Wildcat! Wildcat! 

"End of The World Everyday"

Andriana over at GITNB said I would like this…she was right.


Wildcat! Wildcat! are Portugal. The Man fans wishing Queen was still a band, packing five friends in a car, hot boxing that shit, then pounding some beers in the parking lot before heading into the show. Not that it’s a bad thing.

Know who else was a hit in the 70s/80s? Gene Wilder. I might have had one too many weed laced gluten free brownies this morning, so correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t “End Of The World” have the same melody at Willy Wonka’s “Pure Imagination?” Yes. Yes, it does.

Of course we all miss Queen, but they’re not coming back, and well Portugal. The Man needed an opening act for their next tour, so stop making comparisons and get into the piano-laden pop ballads of LA’s Wildcat! Wildcat!. Their shit is fucking catchy. The duo writes perfect summer playlist jamz that are going to make your friends say, “Yo dude, who is this?”

I don’t know if these guys are dropping an album or just had too much free time, but if you are in LA, Wildcat! Wildcat! are playing Central in Santa Monica on March 14th.

Wildcat! Wildcat! | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook

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Love the vibe of this.


Inca Gold


Slow, psychedelic, and lush hinting at the brief crescendo that delivers enough to make you press play again.. and again.   

Check out the awesome Inca Gold III EP from the UK 4-piece over at bandcamp.

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Silver Firs

"Golden Age"

This track from Swiss group Silver Firs is perfect for the NYC weather today, blustery and clear with the hopefulness of spring.  Grab the single over at bandcamp and check out more over at Oh, Sister Records.

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Rockers and Their Rents


"Nite Heat"

I’m a total sucker for mid 80’s movie soundtracks.  I love the mostly MIDI drums, horns, and synth bass lines in that choppy super sparse yet still dense kinda way.  This new jam from Brooklyn’s Selebrites could fit right along with the best of that era and still pushes that sound into the now.  

Judging from the single art…they’re feeling the movie vibe as well.   

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Royal Baths

"Faster, Harder"

Sexy as hell.


New video for “Faster, Harder” from their Better Luck Next Life LP out now on Kanine Records, you can stream it here.

Arbor Glades

"Sky Walker"

Loving Montreal’s Arbor Glades.  Their catchy Coming Home EP is out on Flagless Records the 21st of Feb, but you can stream it now over at bandcamp.  

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“didn’t we almost have it all…”


“didn’t we almost have it all…”

Spanish Prisoners

"Downtown Chicagoland" (PE1000version)

Inspired by a recent purchase of a Korg PE1000, this B-side alternative version of the latest single from Spanish Prisoner’s 2011 Gold Fools LP will be avilbable on their forthcoming Prior Art Mixtape.  Check it out because it gives the original a run for it’s money.  Thanks to Leo from SP for sending this over.  Get it.

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I’m back at it posting for photosynthblog, so check them out.

Labyrinth Ear

“Amethyst Days”

This sexy little slice of earnest electro builds and builds and builds and then dissipates back from whence it came… leaving you aching for more.  

Grab your copy of the UK artist’s Apparitions EP over at bandcamp.

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Incredible Yacht Control

"Japanese Skyline"

I have been spinning Portland native Bret Vogel’s -aka Incredible Yacht Control’s, new genre-crossing LP Amateur Hypnotist for about a week.  From straight up indie pop through DIY bedroom lo-fi shoegaze, to old-timey sounding vignettes, Amatuer Hypnotist bleeds together a weave of sonic comfort that hangs in the background yet can easily stand up to closer inspection as a sophisticated layering of textures.  Stream it here


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Bobby Tank

Lover’s Eyes”

Electro samp-tacular.  


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Young Heel


For some reason, I kinda tried not to like this but it got under my skin and wouldn’t go away.

So you can relax to this super comfy electro yacht-rock jam from Brooklyn’s Young Heel while I continue doing a terrible job at being over anything even vaguely chillwave.  Get their debut EP Falls over at bandcamp.

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