We Miss The Earth

"Matthew Edwards"

Portland Oregon trio We Miss The Earth are bringing the blown out shoegazey-ness on the four unmastered tracks they have posted from their forth coming LP, Walking Nervous.  It’s a gloriously over-saturated sound bomb. Check it.

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"Diamond Look" (from the Tender Opposites single)

I could listen to this all day… Get the single from Arbutus Records out on Feb. 28th.

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"Ghost Girl"

I know nothing about this New Jersey band Decks.  But I do know that I am diggin this lo-fi psych-pop, Ariel Pink-esq Helix Street EP of theirs that I found on bandcamp.  Get it. 

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"Posture Pt.1"

Boise, Idaho’s Shades was one of my favorite chillwave bands of last year. "Hard Fall" and "Ghostlike" were in heavy rotation over at TMDS HQ.  Soon, however, the sugary sweetness that was chillwave gave me a bit of stomach ache and became a little less desirable.  

Last week Shades dropped their debut LP Clear Motions on TEEEL’s brand new Synthemesc Recordings label.  I was pleasantly pleased to see that, while still fairly rooted in chillwave, some of the newer tracks like “Posture Pt.1” and “Dark Red” were moving into a more focused song style than just woozy beats with some catchy chant-sing, not to mention the improvement in production quality is striking.  I got a feeling that these guys are only going to get better.

Check the entire LP out for yourselves at soundcloud.

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"Nobody Eats My Dinner"

Filter premiered this last week.

King Krule

"Rock Bottom" (Live at Converse Rubber Tracks, BK, NYC)

Why SOPA/PIPA Sucks.

Watch and reblog.




Last week, Portland, OR’s Grandparents released their Fumes EP.  It’s a gorgeous psychedelic sprawl of dreamy americana shoegaze.  It grabs you right off the bat with the opener "Arrows" and keeps you glued to the last moment of "Golden Isles".  

Yeah…I’m a fan.  Defintiley the best EP I have heard in this young year.  Also, if their bandcamp page is to be believed and they really recorded this whole record on a Tascam Portastudio 488  MkII, then I am truly blown away. Get some.

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Manfred Mann’s Earth Band

"Blinded By The Light"

This epic cover of Bruce Springsteen’s first single off of his first record, Greeting’s from Asbury Park, N.J. hit #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1977 and remains his only Hot 100 #1 as a songwriter as well making Manfred Mann’s, The Roaring Silence, his best-selling record.  

A lack of pronounced  “v” in the lyric “revved up” combined with the double tracked vocals causing the “s” sound of the the lyric,”like a duece” to be smeared into a “shh” sound famously caused the chorus line to be heard as “wrapped up like a douche”.

You gotta love all 7:06 of this late-night driving gem.   

Dig this live version on The Midnight Special.

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Tiny Victories

"Lost Weekend"

Such a rad track from the Brooklyn duo.  Love the Flock of Seagulls “I Ran”-esq synths.  Looking forward to their EP, out in Feb.  Get this track.

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****THE MAKING OF*****


"I’m Not In Love"

Dream Brother

"Haunted Heart" (feat. Paul Sprangers)

Got an email today from Ian over at Afternoon Records/Minneapolis Fucking Rocks with Dream Brother’s new cuts of upbeat indie pop awesomeness.  

The Haunted Heart/Pretty Eyes digital 7” features some notable guests, Paul Sprangers of Free Energy on the A-side and the incomparable John Vanderslice on the B-side, “Pretty Eyes”.  You can snag the indie rock-licious pair for free over here. 

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"Sounds Of Your Lovers"

Totally missed this dope track from the Chicago trio track last year. Pretty catchy…pretty damn good.  Get it.

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