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Ganglians dropped their new LP Still Living a couple weeks ago via the recently on a roll Lefse Records.  The album is making its way round the interwebs and well the crafted vintage sounding cut "Jungle" caught my ear this morning. 

This is hi-fi lo-fi at its best.  Bursting psychedelic guitars crowned with late-sixties-esq shouted cascading harmonies.  It’s like a super caffeinated Fleet Foxes.  It’s like… real good.

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The New Lines

"Off Axis"

How rad is this track?  Seriously, The New Lines have that 60’s chamber psych aesthetic down cold!  Reminds me of some Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra.  

While the 750 limited pressing split 7” vinyl with Still Corners this was released on is sold out, you can snag a dig copy on bandcamp.   Look for their debut LP this November, out on The Great Pop Supplement

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Vinyl Williams


I heard Vinyl Williams kicking around on my dashboard last week and did not get a chance to really get into it til today.  I’m now floating away on a wave of vintage psych sonics…

Do yourself a favor and press play.  Get it.

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Plates Of Cake

"As If The Choice Were Mine"

Dig the 60’s folk pop feel aplenty on this two minute slice of garage rock…very The Byrds.   I really love the way this track sounds, aggressive yet placid.  The hook sinks in fast.

Check out the Brooklyn four piece at Spike Hill this Fri 10/28 with Radical Dads.  Get the track.

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"Cola Elixir"

A few months back I blogged about a sweet new track from New Zealand group Kody & Bic, a collaboration between ex-Mint Chicks singer/drummer Kody Nielson and New Zealand pop star Bic Runga.  Shortly after the post, the music was whisked away from bandcamp… 

Flash forward to this week.  Still sporting a lineup of both Kody and Bic as well as Kody’s father Chris, this 60’s psychedelic pop jam under the name OPOSSOM appeared and I could not resist it’s gloriously fun immediacy.  

This time it looks as though there will be an LP in the future.  Electric Hawaii is due out in early 2012.

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Starlight Girls 


Blending 60’s pop and psychedelia with modern urgency to create lush lo-fi, Brooklyn’s Starlight Girls deliver to us this catchy slice of retro pop.  The brash vintage soundscape of “Wasteland“ is tempered by seductively coy vocals with just enough wink to never let the moment get too serious, yet passionately let us know they mean business.  

I’ll be looking forward to Starlight Girls getting down to the business of their live show on Friday 12/2 at Cameo Gallery with St. Lucia.  It will be interesting to see how their retro feel with play out in reality.

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The Black Tambourines

"27-25 Blues"

Not that long ago, is was pretty difficult to fake or even honestly approximate past eras of recording.  There would always be something a bit off, there was always a “tell” that a song was new.  That isn’t so much the case anymore and, personally, I don’t mind because I don’t need every new artist I hear to redefine or blaze a new genre.  Sometimes it’s nice to hear catchy songs with a familiar aesthetic recreated with passion and energy.  That’s what The Black Tambourines are doing and I’m digging it because it feels honest.  

Grab the dusty garage glory  of their Chica EP, out on Art Is Hard Records, over at bandcamp.

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Ending the year with some strong cuts.  Put this one on repeat.


One million life points to Tennis for winning song of the day so earlier on in the competition. Just kidding it’s not a competition, it’s just great music. For their forthcoming album guitarist Patrick Riley, vocalist Aliana Moore and drummer James Barone of Tennis headed to Nashville to work with The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney. “Origins,” is a product of that session, and part of a double A-Side with another new track, “Deep In The Woods”. I am such a sucker for the back story.

Tennis announced today that their sophomore album Young And Old, will drop next February via All Tomorrow’s Parties Recordings. If these songs are any indication of what their album will sound like, lots of “Best Of” year-end lists will include these guys. There is so much do-wop sentiment going on right now. The bar for 2012 has been raised.

(I had to blog this because it makes me want to fall in love and stop being an asshole).

Watch the video for “Deep In The Woods” that premiered on RS below.

You can buy “Origins” and “Deep In The Woods” on iTunes.

Tennis | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Jessica Pratt

"Night Faces"

This is how you do stripped down and honest…with talent and passion.


Doesn’t this sound like if Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham never joined Fleetwood Mac, and instead retired to a small farm where they continued to herd sheep for a living and occasionally sing by the campfire?