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Erika Spring (from Au Revoir Simone)

"6 More Weeks"

Loving pretty much everything about this.  Dig her voice, the vibe, and that dry snare juxtaposed to the big roomy toms…so good.


On le savait, Erika Spring du band Au Revoir Simone s’offre une envolée solo et son premier titre, 6 more Weeks, est des plus prometteurs. Il est dispo dès aujourd’hui sur un single qu’elle partage avec Violens via le label Friendly Fire.

So Erika Spring from Au Revoir Simone is playing it solo with a very first 7” she shares with Violens on Friendly Fires. The track is called 6 More Weeks and is a pure beauty.

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"Clamoring for your Heart"

Yeah…this is pretty awesome.


I have a hard time resisting anything that takes its cues from The Smiths. That mellow morose, that dark blue swing. Close your eyes and feel it.

Get this on wax on the  To the Alps 7” from Hit City USA. Band’s on Tumblr here.

Yours Truly:

Identical twins Matt and Jesse Kivel may have addresses on opposite sides of the pond, but their collaboration, Princeton, meets in the middle with a blissful sea cruise.

The New Lines

"Off Axis"

How rad is this track?  Seriously, The New Lines have that 60’s chamber psych aesthetic down cold!  Reminds me of some Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra.  

While the 750 limited pressing split 7” vinyl with Still Corners this was released on is sold out, you can snag a dig copy on bandcamp.   Look for their debut LP this November, out on The Great Pop Supplement

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Little Racer 

"Split For The Coast"

I’m down with Little Racer.  It’s probably because I had their song "Little Racer" stuck in my head for months.  Seriously, I would be walking around or doing something completely unrelated to music and BAM! there it is in my head.  Lucky for me the song rules.  

So yeah…I’m a fan. Dig their new video for the also awesome “Split For The Coast”.


Loving this frenetic & romantic video directed by Georgia Hudson for the new New York pop outfit.  The song’s a carousel of pretty painted horses that spins faster and faster until it, like the video, turns into a blur of color and gold and mirrors. 

Pre-order the single on 7” wax w “The Town” (don’t miss this extremely catchy b-side!) from Young and Lost Club now - vinyl will drop on December 12.

*****NEW FAVORITE*****

Daughn Gibson

"Lite Me Up"

After weeks of hearing about Daughn Gibson and missing his recent visit to NYC, I finally got around to listening to his new 7” he is putting out on Dull Knife and…damn…it’s pretty fantastic.  Make sure you also check out the amazing downtempo B side "Mark Of A Man" .

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Hundred Waters


Back in May of last year I had the honor of producing a 7” for Hundred Waters at Stadium Red in Harlem.  We recorded alternate acoustic versions of Vistor and Caverns from their debut full length.  

Yours Truly was on hand to capture the gorgeous solo piano performance that followed, just the second and final take from Nicole.

You can order the limited Stadium Red Sessions vinyl release directly from Small Plates