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The Neighborhood

"I Won’t Get You Down"

WOW.  Sounds like a demo of Heart’s These Dreams.  I might listen to this all day.


Ryan Dolliver is new to LA. After touring around with such Portland-based bands as Hockey, he’s settled in to make a few tracks of his own and damn, has he ever. This track sounds like Lionel Richie slowed down 800% - a kind of stripped-down R&B that folks like The Weeknd and James Blake are raging to the forefront of popular conciousness this year.  I name those artists because Ryan’s stuff is as good. Ya heard it here first, folks.

Grab his self-titled EP here where he’ll send you a cassette version free with the download.  Listen to a bunch more material on his Sndcld account + catch the video for this tune, too.

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"She Wants"

I have been into Metronomy for a few years now, their new record The English Riviera comes out on Tues 4/19.  I am stoked cause if the rest of the record is as cool as the few tracks I have heard then its gonna kill.  I love the stripped down arrangements and pro production.  A lot peeps think you have to sound lo-fi and shitty to stand out or that its cooler to not sound pro…not true.  It’s just harder to sound good when everything is recorded well cause there is no muck to hide behind.  So when a band comes along that actually has great arrangements and great songs and a great vision of how is should all be put together, they benefit from higher fidelity. 

She Wants has a real early Cure type English thing with that chorused bass and all.  It’s a creeper track…the more you  listen the better it gets.  So keep listening! 

You can pick up She Wants and peep The Look vid here.

You can snag The Bay via Ace. (dope ass blog, btw)

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"Midnight City"

M83 stay ahead of the curve once again with the first single off the new LP Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.  One of the things I have always loved about M83 is that their music feels so authentically of a time past, yet so new.  It’s nostalgia, but for the future; a longing for the return of a time that has not yet happened.  Also, I may have briefly been in one of their videos.

Head on over to their website to grab the single for the price of your email.

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Capital Cities

"Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast"

I am really digging this.

Seems when LA-based Capital Cities isn’t writing catchy pop songs, they are writing catchy original music for television and advertising.  Smart. 

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Post #2 for Photo Synth Project.  This track is too good not to reblog.  If you have not followed PhotoSynth yet…your just prolonging the inevitable. Follow them.




Easily one of the best tracks from the past week has been the limited edition 7” single from Chairlift being released by Terrible Records on August 16th.

“Amanaemonesia” is fun.  Despite dipping into to some of the best of the 80’s sound palette as well moments from fellow NYC pop-psych explorers MGMT and Yeasayer’s playbook, the song still sounds fresh and unique.  Oh yeah, it’s also catchy as hell.

Posted by _TMDS_ for The PhotoSynth Project

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Fruit Bats

"You’re Too Wierd"

This video is such a spot on parody, it’s amazing.  Thanks for the tip from my buds Pure Bathing Culture who you should be following.


"Clamoring for your Heart"

Yeah…this is pretty awesome.


I have a hard time resisting anything that takes its cues from The Smiths. That mellow morose, that dark blue swing. Close your eyes and feel it.

Get this on wax on the  To the Alps 7” from Hit City USA. Band’s on Tumblr here.

Yours Truly:

Identical twins Matt and Jesse Kivel may have addresses on opposite sides of the pond, but their collaboration, Princeton, meets in the middle with a blissful sea cruise.

St. Lucia

"All Eyes On You"

A little part Destroyer, Empire of the Sun, and the very best parts of modern takes on 80’s pop, "All Eyes On" you delivers more and more with each play.  Check out the Brooklyn groups soundcloud to snag this track.

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Go Cozy


So this track showed up in my inbox the other day.  I LOVE submissions but usually they are spam or someone running before they have learned to walk.  Not the case here.  The Silver Springs, Maryland four piece have a real dream pop gem with “Glimmer”.

Get you hands on this last days of summer day dreamer at their bandcamp.

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Letting Up Despite Great Faults

“Teenage Tide”

This video is kinda whack, despite the cute girls, in that it seems like every shot is a super cliche, but the track is a winner.  I mean I thought this was a new M83 single for a second.  Yeah, the track is really good.


The video for Letting Up Despite Great Faults’ track “Teenage Tide” will definitely have you thinking “I wished my summer was exactly like this, every single day of it”. The playful footage sums up the finest parts of the past summer season, reminding you of the days when you actually had the entire summer season off to do nothing but avoid getting older at every chance you get. This pop gem can be found off of their most recent Paper Crush EP out now on Old Flame Records. You can grab the mp3 over at their Soundcloud as well.


Style Wars Part 1 of 5.

Support the restoration of the outtake footage.


Style Wars Part 2 of 5.

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Style Wars Part 3 of 5.

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Style Wars Part 4 of 5.

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Style Wars Part 5 of 5.

Support the restoration of the outtake footage.

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