Yeah so I have been a crappy absentee blogger since my work in the studio has been picking up over the past few months.  In an effort to not suck I have enlisted the help of my fellow music nerd discovery machine, Josh Iden, to submit some jams under the guise of KARATE CHOPSS  (the extra s is for none of your business).  For now, it will still be me writing the content but Mr. Iden will be doing the discovery since I am obviously doing such a half-assed job.

Let’s begin:

Antique Pony

"Happy Families"

These kids, yes, kids are from Glasgow, Scotland and they seem to have a fuck everything mentality, except that their debut effort, Museum Of Blood is pretty fucking awesome.

Coming across like a blend of 70’s Itali-B horror movie soundtrack and The Unicorns Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?the art-rock weirdo three piece seem to have a knack for writing challenging tracks that still manage to keep you listening.  

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