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"Galilean Moons"

I had to do a shoot-out to see which track off of Teeel’s (NJ’s Jim Smith) awesome LP Amulet I was going to post.  Ultimately, “Galilean Moons” won me over with its careful blend of nostalgia and desert highway night driving. 

I don’t care if chillwave is played out or not, I dig this…a lot.  Amulet is a pretty great accomplishment in this EP pop, LP flop dominated genre.  “Triangle Waves” is a great track as well.  Teeel is gonna be hittin Glasslands on Fri 3/11 w/ Chad Valley. 

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"Posture Pt.1"

Boise, Idaho’s Shades was one of my favorite chillwave bands of last year. "Hard Fall" and "Ghostlike" were in heavy rotation over at TMDS HQ.  Soon, however, the sugary sweetness that was chillwave gave me a bit of stomach ache and became a little less desirable.  

Last week Shades dropped their debut LP Clear Motions on TEEEL’s brand new Synthemesc Recordings label.  I was pleasantly pleased to see that, while still fairly rooted in chillwave, some of the newer tracks like “Posture Pt.1” and “Dark Red” were moving into a more focused song style than just woozy beats with some catchy chant-sing, not to mention the improvement in production quality is striking.  I got a feeling that these guys are only going to get better.

Check the entire LP out for yourselves at soundcloud.

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Lush yet clear, nostalgic but forward thinking.  Vintage synths reign supreme again as Princeton based producer/artist TEEEL returns with his new LP University Heights out today 2/22.  Check it out over at his bandcamp or over at Synthemesc Records

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"Deadites" (FAKE Remix)

Last week I launched a new remix project called FAKE.  The name comes from the fact they are not traditional remixes, but more audio collage where the source stems are chopped up into new melodies and new rhythm parts.  Check out the most recent one I did for TEEEL’s “Deadites”.

Hit me up and let me know what you think!

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Ian McGlynn

Gold Morning Mend (TEEEL Remix)

Got this wonderful spring jam from TEEEL last week.  Rarely do I think remixes elevate the song past the original, but I think TEEEL nailed this.  Really great vibe and really great pocket, well done.  Slightly reminiscent of this smash from Filter years ago.

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