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Stealing Sheep

"Noah’s Days"

You remember that one spring day when you dropped some acid or took mushrooms and got lost and wandered into some super friendly hippie chic that was hell bent on making sure you didn’t fall off the edge of your mind?   Yeah?..well this music is what she was doing before you rolled up on her. 

Surprisingly listenable, one part Fleet Foxes and one part Bat for Lashes, UK’s Stealing Sheep blend folk and psych pop into something familiar and fresh at the same time.

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Trashy. Lo-fi. Fun as hell.

Pick up the entire awesomely great Ilk EP from these UK slack-rockers over at bandcamp.

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"Want 2 Ride"

Bewilderbeast dropped the U Know EP on Monday.  Get it…but only if you like dope poolside summer jams.

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We Are Animal

Luminous Lights

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“The Bay” (Clock Opera Remix)

First off, the original version of this track is awesome.  Secondly, this is a remix but it’s more like a complete re-imagining.  I love the chopped up verse melody as a hook.  That Knight Rider vibe is murder.   Check out Clock Opera, though they kinda sound nothing like this remix, which thirdly, is pretty rad.   


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"Clamoring for your Heart"

Yeah…this is pretty awesome.


I have a hard time resisting anything that takes its cues from The Smiths. That mellow morose, that dark blue swing. Close your eyes and feel it.

Get this on wax on the  To the Alps 7” from Hit City USA. Band’s on Tumblr here.

Yours Truly:

Identical twins Matt and Jesse Kivel may have addresses on opposite sides of the pond, but their collaboration, Princeton, meets in the middle with a blissful sea cruise.


68 Depeche Mode Century Box 1981 constans72 (by constans72)

The Shivers

"Irrational Love"

The first time I saw The Shivers was over a year ago at Rockwood Music Hall.  I had come to try to get them to play a film festival I was curating.  The duo of Keith Zarriello and Jo Schornikow’s unique brand of romantic American music blew me away.  

At the end of the set, Keith exclaimed this would be their final show indefinitely.  He was leaving New York City in an effort, if I recall correctly, to preserve his love for NYC by returning some day to find it new again.   Needless to say, I was bummed.  Finding this track today, however, has made it a whole lot better. .

Grab their More LP out on Septmeber 26th in the UK via Fence Records

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The Performers


Reminds me of some Spiders-era Bowie.  So good.


sky gazer.

Speak softly please. Whisper those sweet words in my ear and let’s run off into the night…

The Performers have a Superstar EP resting peacefully at bandcamp, waiting to be heard by whoever is willing to listen. Crisp, meditative dream-pop with echoing vocal melodies.

Download Here


Talk Talk

"It’s My Life"

This is one of those Pandora/Sirius radio jams that pop up during an 80’s mix that your like oh damn…this is rad.  It’s a bona fide roller skating jam.

Rising from the English new romantic/synthpop scene of the early 80’s, Talk Talk scored two big singles in 1984 with their second LP It’s My Life.  The title cut was Talk Talk’s most successful US single reaching number one on the Hot Dance Play charts…it’s still pretty slick.

No Doubt did a cover of “It’s My Life” for their greatest hits in 2003…it also does not suck.


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King Krule

“The Noose of Jah City”

What more can be written about this kid?  So beautiful.

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Little Comets


This is like a mini vacation to some place filled with a lot more sunshine than Brooklyn. It totally reminds me of this Johnny Clegg gem from the early 90’s.  

You can preorder the Little Comets Worry EP now on iTunes, it releases on 12/12 

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North London singer/songwriter Elena Tonra, a.k.a. Daughter, released The Wild Youth EP yesterday and it’s one of the strongest self-releases I have heard this year. 

Calling to mind a stripped down Bat For Lashes with a forlorn Florence Welch-esq vocal, the four mid to slow tempo tracks on The Wild Youth are brooding and beautiful, yet never boring.  Subtle, yet confident in her delivery while displaying a knack for smart and incredibly effective arrangements, color me impressed.  


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The Black Tambourines

"27-25 Blues"

Not that long ago, is was pretty difficult to fake or even honestly approximate past eras of recording.  There would always be something a bit off, there was always a “tell” that a song was new.  That isn’t so much the case anymore and, personally, I don’t mind because I don’t need every new artist I hear to redefine or blaze a new genre.  Sometimes it’s nice to hear catchy songs with a familiar aesthetic recreated with passion and energy.  That’s what The Black Tambourines are doing and I’m digging it because it feels honest.  

Grab the dusty garage glory  of their Chica EP, out on Art Is Hard Records, over at bandcamp.

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****THE MAKING OF*****


"I’m Not In Love"

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