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Peter Wolf Crier

“Settling It Off”

Slow.  Dark.

Creeper of a tune.



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This. Is. Dope.


Resonance An exploration of the relationship between geometry and audio

An extremely fascinating and inspiring collaborative piece that will have your eyes terrifyingly glued to the screen the entire 11 minutes.

Resonance showcases 12-20 second pieces of visual and aural stimuli, enjoy. More information can be read as follows:

“A collaborative project with over 30 independent visual and audio designers / studios. The aim was to explore the relationship between geometry and audio in unique ways.

Animators and Audio Designers were paired up at the beginning of the project and were given the guidelines to create a piece between 12 and 20 seconds and in HD quality, the rest was up to them.”

Find out more about the film, contributors and screenings at Resonance The Film’s website.

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Gluttony Is The New Black

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Eight Bit Tiger 


Why spend all your money at Wal-Mart on Black Friday when you can have this rad 3 minute 35 second party for no more than your email address.  Dance more… for less.

Grab it over at the Chicago duo’s bandcamp.

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Wildcat! Wildcat! 

"End of The World Everyday"

Andriana over at GITNB said I would like this…she was right.


Wildcat! Wildcat! are Portugal. The Man fans wishing Queen was still a band, packing five friends in a car, hot boxing that shit, then pounding some beers in the parking lot before heading into the show. Not that it’s a bad thing.

Know who else was a hit in the 70s/80s? Gene Wilder. I might have had one too many weed laced gluten free brownies this morning, so correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t “End Of The World” have the same melody at Willy Wonka’s “Pure Imagination?” Yes. Yes, it does.

Of course we all miss Queen, but they’re not coming back, and well Portugal. The Man needed an opening act for their next tour, so stop making comparisons and get into the piano-laden pop ballads of LA’s Wildcat! Wildcat!. Their shit is fucking catchy. The duo writes perfect summer playlist jamz that are going to make your friends say, “Yo dude, who is this?”

I don’t know if these guys are dropping an album or just had too much free time, but if you are in LA, Wildcat! Wildcat! are playing Central in Santa Monica on March 14th.

Wildcat! Wildcat! | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook

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Lush yet clear, nostalgic but forward thinking.  Vintage synths reign supreme again as Princeton based producer/artist TEEEL returns with his new LP University Heights out today 2/22.  Check it out over at his bandcamp or over at Synthemesc Records

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Rebecca Peake

"Do You Still Love Me"

Rebecca Peake is writing a song a day for a year, from April Fool’s ‘11 to April Fools ‘12 and while the idea is certainly not new, it doesn’t really diminish the effort.  

I have only listened to small slice of her work but was quite impressed by the level of detail and sophistication that could be put forth with a days effort.  Some of the tracks I really dug were dark and dense but I thought I would post this little ode to The Shirelles “Will you still Love Me Tomorrow”.  Get it.

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Indoor Voices

"Nevers" (Loud)

Missed this brooding late-night jam from late last year.  

Check out the the Toronto groups entire LP over at bandcamp.

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Diluted Giants


Dig this breezy number from North Carolina’s Diluted Giants.  Their No Good Asuras EP strikes me as a pleasant blend of White Denim and Ariel Pink…with moments of Chicago meets early Pink Floyd.  

You should really just press play and dig it for yourself.  Get it.

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The Quiet Americans


This track is so cool.  I imagine this is the music you hear when the girl of your dreams walks through the door for the first time.  That mix of exhilaration in seeing the beauty of your future and the pinch of anxiety knowing you have to go make it happen.

Go listen to the rest of the Medicine EP at bandcamp.


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Germany Germany

“Disconnect” (ft. Steffaloo)

Here is a creeper that sneaks through the shadows of your room at night, into your bed while your sleeping, hovers over you, and then wakes you up to party only to turn the lights back off and disappear.

Germany Germany is Drew Harris from Victoria BC and he completely kills this track with the help of Steffaloo. Check more.

(Shouts to Dre for the tip)

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This five-piece from Fresno, CA dropped their Diamonds and Pearls EP a year ago, but I just heard it a few weeks ago.  I don’t hear much straight up indie rock that I like these days.  Most groups sound like a hundred other bands that have come before and lean on that familiarity in lieu of being different.  

While Diamonds and Pearls finds the band sometimes sounding like a folkier Dismemberment Plan meets early Death Cab meets Band of Horses, the EP is exceptionally listenable.  The band frequently switch seamlessly from earnest acoustic folk arrangements into full modern indie rock bombast that is seldom heard in the indie rock genre.  

Why did it take me a year to find this?  Dont wait that long…press play.

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2:54 return to the U.S. this week, newly signed to Fat Possum, for Brooklyn Vegan’s SXSW show and some dates on both coasts.  Come check them out with me at Glasslands on 3/11.

Beach House


Beach dropped a single today for the forthcoming album.  ”Myth” is a slicker more mature sound that is still, very much, Beach House and quite good.  



On May 29th True Panther Sounds will release SF trio Lemonade’s 2nd LP Diver.  If this first single is any indication of the record…I’m pretty excited.  

Drawing from a palette of early 90’s smoothness, “Neptune” is lush and open, the kind of music that makes relaxing actually happen.

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Yeah…this is rad.


Last year around this time, I discovered these Rochester, New York chillwaverz with their spicey hot 777777 mixtape. Calling them ‘chillwave’ might be selling them a bit short, tho.  They’re laying down smooth tracks that tap influences as varied as 90’s R&B to dream pop - done as glittery as gold MC Hammer pants on a Williamsburg hipster.

Koda Vista EP comes out on March 27th - you can pre-order it in various formats on Bndcmp. They be on Tumblr here.

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