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I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS RECORD.  I hope its not a brick.

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Chad Valley

"Now That I’m Real"


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If you have not yet checked out Destroyer’s Kaputt, you need to stop what you are doing and press play. One of my favorite records this year.

You can check them out at at Pitchfork Music Festival on Saturday, if you happen to be attending.

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Nite Jewel

"One Second Of Love"

Here is a last minute entry for track of the year.  Extra sexy.

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The Quiet Americans


This track is so cool.  I imagine this is the music you hear when the girl of your dreams walks through the door for the first time.  That mix of exhilaration in seeing the beauty of your future and the pinch of anxiety knowing you have to go make it happen.

Go listen to the rest of the Medicine EP at bandcamp.


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Tame Impala

"Apocalypse Dreams"

Oh what’s that?  There is a new Tame Impala track and it’s already been minted by the big dog blogs?

Yeah, I’m posting that anyway ‘cause I’m a straight fan of Tame Impala and it’s the first single off their new Lonerism LP out in October on Modular. Trade your email add for it.

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Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra

"Do It With A Rockstar" (NSFW)

There is a shit-ton of awesome going on here.

*****NEW FAVORITE*****


"California Daze"

How did I not know about this band from Birmingham, England?!!  I have been listening to Peace’s debut Ep Delicious non-stop for the last week.  Released by Columbia last September, the four song exploration of all great things British rock culminates, for me, in this nod to Zeppelin’s “Rain Song”.

Really though the whole EP is quite ridiculous…like these guys are gonna be super famous ridiculous.  And who the hell produced/engineered/mixed this?  It sounds amazing.  Are we seeing the return of guitars via a Stone Roses nostalgia lens??  Let’s hope so.

I am gushing…yeah, but you know I never do that, so it has to carry some weight.

Peace are expected to release their debut full length on 3/25/13 via Columbia.  Check the forst single "Wraith".   

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