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Lotte Kestner

"True Faith" (New Order Cover)

Love this. 

Here is the OG version. 

Check out danceyrselfclean, great blog


Lotte Kestner, True Faith (New Order cover found on her fantastic covers album “Stolen”)

Really Lotte Kestner has so won me over and I’m pretty certain she can sing her order at a Chinese restaurant and I’d want to play it on repeat.  I definitely would love to hear her duet with Matt Berniger, her version of “Fake Empire” is pretty epic and well she can do some New Order like the best of them too.  ”True Faith” sounds damn great with Lotte at the covering helm.  Seriously check this one out!

St. Vincent” Live at All Points West 8/1/09

"Dig A Pony" (Beatles cover, duh)

Stumbled on this today.  I was in the crowd for this performance and while I was a St. Vincent fan before, this might have cemented the deal.  I am so glad someone was there to capture it.


Elliot Smith

"Between The Bars"

I am going to spare you from trying to explain the impact that Elliot Smith had on me when I first heard his music way back in the mid-nineties, but know that his music can capture the emotional payload of a moment and deliver it unfaded by time decades later, something I was reminded of a few days ago.

Monday would have been Elliot Smith’s 43rd birthday and, according to P4K, Kill Rock Stars is doing a bunch of cool promotions for Mr. Smith’s catalog, including some first-time vinyl releases.

It’s terribly sad when you lose a genius like Elliot Smith, but I am always comforted by the fact that his music has an immortality that few things created will ever enjoy.

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So smart from Indoor Voices on Vimeo.

Check out this video for “So Smart” from Indoor Voices new EP S/T which I mixed:


Indoor Voices - So smart

Judging by how much I’ve been posting them lately, my inbox has been flooded over with excellent music videos. Here is the latest from Toronto artist Jonathan Relph in a collaboration with director Scott Kaija and feating the dead-eyed gaze of Irene Cortes that I’m thrilled to premiere for y’all. Heady, beautiful stuff.

Get this self-titled EP on ltd. wax from Bleeding Gold Records.

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Hundred Waters


Back in May of last year I had the honor of producing a 7” for Hundred Waters at Stadium Red in Harlem.  We recorded alternate acoustic versions of Vistor and Caverns from their debut full length.  

Yours Truly was on hand to capture the gorgeous solo piano performance that followed, just the second and final take from Nicole.

You can order the limited Stadium Red Sessions vinyl release directly from Small Plates