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Minerva Lions

"Black Mind Decide"

A little bit Smashing Pumpkins, a little bit The Band, a lot awesome with their 5 song cough syrup-drowsy EP “Great strides, Priestess & Queen”.

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"Funeral Song"

Been digging this cut from Minks debut LP “By The Hedge”.  The release party is tonight at Glasslands Gallery with Big Troubles, Family Portait, and past TMDS’ers Widowspeak.

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"Spirit or Something"

I am into the dreamy world vibe thing going round.   Dancey, but dynamic. Hazy, yet clear.  Well done sirs, well done.


After giving this album some love this weekend, I had to share. Monogold has already recieved a bunch of love around the blogosphere, and it’s for a very good reason. The Brooklyn based band have such a welcoming sound. I found myself putting it on a lot during the weekend, whether I was doing stuff around the house, sitting with friends, or just sitting and listening myself. It seemed to span a huge gap of listening experiences, which is hard to come by.

You can buy their new album The Softest Glow at their bandcamp. Well worth it. And look for them at SXSW as well!

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Little Racer

"Little Racer"

Stumbled upon this gem from Brooklyn’s Little Racer the other day. Def one of those tracks that I liked right away, great hook.  Go ahead and see if you do, the play button is right there.

Not much info to be found on them except that they are playing tonight at Glasslands 4/12 w/ Surf City, Darlings, and Lingering Doubts.  Check out there other tracks on bandcamp.

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"Now I’m A Stone"

Lana from I Rather Walk tipped me off to this band the other day.  These recording are labeled as demos so I am very interested to hear what finished tracks would sound like. 

It’s rare to hear a vocalist carry a track with ZERO sauce on his voice over sparse arrangements but that exactly what’s happening here.  They got a Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks thing going on that is super inviting. This song crawls under your skin and makes itself very comfortable.  Check them with Free Energy at Glasslands 4/29.

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"Space Shoes"

Check out the vid Patrick Pope made for Brooklyn’s Chappo.  You really shouldn’t eat the space fruit is the lesson here…or maybe you should?

This was the track that first got me in CHAPPO’s universe and I subsequently had the the honor of mixing this EP. You can get it here:


"Park Slope (I’m Sorry)"

Wow.  I found this track on Saturday during a pretty typical search for things a little obscure.  At the time I didn’t know if was from Knoxville songwriter Jeremy Lee Given, but I do now because, since Saturday, I have seen it permeate through the blogosphere:  Antlered Pigeons, Flashlight Tag, The New Black, Head Underwater, and today Yvynyl …and they are just the blogs I have seen. 

Damn, I guess that means they all felt the same way that I did, that Park Slope has that special magic that makes it a pretty easy sell, soothing, comforting and a memorable hook. Looking forward to hear what’s next for Given’s ABADABAD.  Next time, I wont wait to share. Grab the track for free at bandcamp.

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Ana Lola Roman

"Klutch" (Com Truise Remix)

It’s rare I meet someone I can effortlessly talk to about music.  I had that pleasure while hanging out with Brooklyn singer/performance artist Ana Lola Roman this weekend, she’s pretty awesome.  So is this remix of her vogue-esq track Klutch by her buddy Com Truise.  

Check out Klutch and the rest of Ana Lola Roman’s music on her Soundcloud page and follow her on Tumblr.

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Brooklyn’s? Clubglove says that this was …”recorded over two days in my living room listening to Washed Out and Jeremy Lee"…Lo-fi-ness aside…there is a lot of charm here, and a lot of potential.

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Farewell Republic


Besides oddly sounding similar to Arcade Fire’s "Wake Up" out of the gate, Brooklyn based Farewell Republic have something pretty great here.  "Wake" comes off as a splice of Smashing Pumpkins and Glasvegas…medium epic, relentless yet soulful, washed out but melodic.

You can get “Wake” for free and pre-order the album, which releases in October, here.

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Post #2 for Photo Synth Project.  This track is too good not to reblog.  If you have not followed PhotoSynth yet…your just prolonging the inevitable. Follow them.




Easily one of the best tracks from the past week has been the limited edition 7” single from Chairlift being released by Terrible Records on August 16th.

“Amanaemonesia” is fun.  Despite dipping into to some of the best of the 80’s sound palette as well moments from fellow NYC pop-psych explorers MGMT and Yeasayer’s playbook, the song still sounds fresh and unique.  Oh yeah, it’s also catchy as hell.

Posted by _TMDS_ for The PhotoSynth Project

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Picture Disque

"I Couldn’t Sleep"

Sometimes it doesn’t take a super sophisticated pop song to turn you on, but a simple one with some awesome sonics backing it up.  Man this track sounds cool and it’s just catchy enough to stick in my head without being annoying. 

Check out Brooklyn’s Picture Disque’s awesome 3 song EP on bandcamp.  I mean damn, it’s free!

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Caged Animals

"Teflon Heart"

Quirky, odd, yet strangely endearing.  Catch them at Glasslands on Friday 8/19.  Get it.

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Strange Rivals

"French Pussy"

If I was going to fall backwards off a building in slow-motion for four minutes, I think I would like this to be the track people are listening to as I slow motion crab at things in the air. 

You can get this track and the rest of Strange Rivals new psychedelic EP over at bandcamp and you probably don’t even need to fall off a buidling.

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