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One of my summer favs

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"Evening Glow"

I am kinda a sucker for this rapidly approaching played out status chillwave sound.  “Evening Glow” still does the trick however as I listen over, and over, and over like I’m 6 and fell asleep in the back of a babysitters Ford Escort while she listens to her chewed up cassettes and I filter it through my sleep.  The Keep Shelly In Athens remix is killer as well.

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"Galilean Moons"

I had to do a shoot-out to see which track off of Teeel’s (NJ’s Jim Smith) awesome LP Amulet I was going to post.  Ultimately, “Galilean Moons” won me over with its careful blend of nostalgia and desert highway night driving. 

I don’t care if chillwave is played out or not, I dig this…a lot.  Amulet is a pretty great accomplishment in this EP pop, LP flop dominated genre.  “Triangle Waves” is a great track as well.  Teeel is gonna be hittin Glasslands on Fri 3/11 w/ Chad Valley. 

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"Hard Fall"

Man, I thought I was over chillwave…guess that’s like getting over sun drenched summer days and BBQ’s.  This RULES!

Check out the Boise group thru Holy Page Records, or on FB

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"Keep On Shining"


Futuretapes was part of the first day of posting waaay back at the begging of this blog. It was the sound of last summer for me so I was stoked to hear they released another heat-stroked jam yesterday just in time for the days of sun. Lovin’ the Brothers Johnson rip.


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Garden Parties

"Under The Sun"

Yesterday, I woke up to this track in my inbox…I was stoked.  I later came to find out this was the fledgling work of Boston’s Luke Brandfon aka Garden Parties.  I love the summer glaze to the vocals, the pimp single note rhythm guitar keeping the groove down, the trashy slurry to the hi-hats, the vocal pads.  Sonically, it has obvious similarity to its forebearers, but if chillwave music never dies, so doesn’t the feeling…especially in the spring. 

You can pick up Under The Sun at bandcamp. Looking forward to what comes next!

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I am so ready for summer…and Shades are awesome.  Check out all their summer style over at Soundcloud.

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Cities Aviv

"Black Box feat. Fille Catatonique"

Diggin the neo-soul vibe.

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Chad Valley

"Now That I’m Real"


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Air Drops


Probably should have waited to hear back from Air Drops to get more info on them for you guys, but oh well.  This track is awesome and perfect for hot weather, do you really need more?  Well, maybe just this.

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Stand Up Against Heart Crime

"I Can’t Stand Myself Sober"

I find Josep Xorto’s bedroom EP curriosly addictive.  The vibe is mellow but possess a smoldering intensity just under the surface.  The vintage drum machine never breaks and Josep’s voice is cool as if he can not believe he showed to actually record his vocals, and was like “oh well, I guess I’ll just be awesome”. Get it.

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Zach Foty

"April’s Jacket"

Yet another summer jam from the always giving tree of bandcamp.  This time it’s Minneapolis’s Zach Foty on the well-crafted 2’s and 4’s giving us another four minutes and twenty seconds worth of reasons to stay out in the sun.

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Stoner Showers

"True Romance"

Outdoor music.  Get it.

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"Everyone Should Know"

LCD Sound who?? Lovin’ the bounce.

YARDGAMES’ Last Picnic in Limbo has a ton of charm.  Between them, Pajama People, and Salvador Jolly there is some serious experimental pop going down in Allston. 

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“Conditional Joy”

Rad track to start the week off with.  Yes… I said rad

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