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Golden Lady by Stevie Wonder

With that being said, here’s one of my favorite songs of all time. I think everyone needs this record.

I second that. One of my all-time favs. I LOVE this record

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The Stepkids

"Legend In My Own Mind"

I first stumbled on classic soul and R&B laced The Stepkids earlier this year when I heard "Shadows on Behalf".  Coincidentally, I ended up cutting an EP with the bassist Dan (awesome dude) and we became friends.  The band is now poised to release their first full length on Stones Throw on 9/27 and "Legend In My Own Mind" is the second single.  It’s pretty classic.  It’s pretty great.  Get it.

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Beasties Boys

"Egg Man"

The Beastie Boys second record, Paul’s Boutique, released in 1989, is pretty much the shit.  "High Plains Drifter" is ill, but “Egg Man” was my jam.  How can you not love any song that bites the bass line from "Superfly"?!  

Every year when fall hits I’m reminded of driving around in high school listening to “Egg Man”.  Did we throw corn and eggs at houses?  Maybe, but every bad decision needs a good soundtrack, so thanks “Egg Man”.


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Bobby Long

"Two Tone Lover"

Classic crooner vibes from a modern singer/songwriter.

Catch him at Joe’s Pub tonight 11/8. 

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Alabama Shakes

"You Ain’t Alone"

The hype is well deserved.  

You have probably heard about Alabama Shakes around the web.  Maybe it was NPR, maybe it was coverage of their Bowery set during CMJ.  If your like me, maybe you have been slow to verify the hype.  Well thanks to IGIF, you can cross me of the list.  I’m sold. 

I could probably write 500 words on how the songs feel so good so immediately or how it reminds me of Janis with Big Brother and The Holding Company.  I could ramble on about how it swells the nostalgic emotions of a man enamored by sound before an era of polluted overworked, formula driven, momentary dance candy.  Maybe I could point how I had them on repeat for hours and had the immediate compulsion to send an email to some of my toughest music friends.  But really, I would rather just get back to listening to the EP.    

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"Odd Soul"

Recently a client gave me this record as a reference for how they wanted their new single to sound.  ”Odd Soul” slinks like a zombie pimp in the throws of becoming fully undead.  

Having been familiar with Mutemath, I was surprised by the blown out bluesy soul style of Odd Soul.  I was even more surprised at how much I really liked the sound of the record…it’s pretty damn awesome.  

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****THE MAKING OF*****


"I’m Not In Love"


Manfred Mann’s Earth Band

"Blinded By The Light"

This epic cover of Bruce Springsteen’s first single off of his first record, Greeting’s from Asbury Park, N.J. hit #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1977 and remains his only Hot 100 #1 as a songwriter as well making Manfred Mann’s, The Roaring Silence, his best-selling record.  

A lack of pronounced  “v” in the lyric “revved up” combined with the double tracked vocals causing the “s” sound of the the lyric,”like a duece” to be smeared into a “shh” sound famously caused the chorus line to be heard as “wrapped up like a douche”.

You gotta love all 7:06 of this late-night driving gem.   

Dig this live version on The Midnight Special.

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Rebecca Peake

"Do You Still Love Me"

Rebecca Peake is writing a song a day for a year, from April Fool’s ‘11 to April Fools ‘12 and while the idea is certainly not new, it doesn’t really diminish the effort.  

I have only listened to small slice of her work but was quite impressed by the level of detail and sophistication that could be put forth with a days effort.  Some of the tracks I really dug were dark and dense but I thought I would post this little ode to The Shirelles “Will you still Love Me Tomorrow”.  Get it.

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The Quiet Americans


This track is so cool.  I imagine this is the music you hear when the girl of your dreams walks through the door for the first time.  That mix of exhilaration in seeing the beauty of your future and the pinch of anxiety knowing you have to go make it happen.

Go listen to the rest of the Medicine EP at bandcamp.


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DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince


Classic summer jam…back when Will Smith was just a rapper.  



"Rock You Like A Hurricane"

Every time I look out the window I hear this song in my head, but I hear it sung by my brother in this really annoying exaggerated “huurracahyayeen”.  Ahhhh, memories.