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Young Magic


If you haven’t checked out Young Magic’s 7”, you can right now.  All you have to do is press play above…so easy and you’ll be glad you did.  Its hard for me to put my finger on why this is so good, but it easy to know that it is.  It’s immediately ominous yet soothing. Catch them next week 4/7 at Glasslands w/ Computer magic, Oupa (members of Yuck), and Porcelain Raft.

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Purity Ring


I am big fan of Purity Ring.  Next week Transparent will release the Ungirthed 7”. Almost as mesmerizing as Ungirthed, Loftcries is helping cement Purity Ring as a group to be excited about this year.  Get both tracks here

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Wait for it…to deliver.


Inc., formerly known as Teen Inc. (the retro-lectro duo responsible for the velvety “Fountains”, one of my favorite tracks last year), recently signed to 4AD.  Before dropping their debut album early next year, the brothers have provided us with the soul-saturated, humming pop sound of “Swear”.  Hushed vocal longings are coupled with laser fragments and pixelated bass rumbles all while the most legit new jack swing beat rocks your face off in the foreground.  ”Swear” will appear on Inc.’s soon-to-be-released 3 EP which will be available digitally July 25th on 4AD — give me this full length now!

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Stoner Showers

"True Romance"

Outdoor music.  Get it.

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"The Bay"

This track is the jam.

Ana Lola Roman

"Klutch" (Com Truise Remix)

It’s rare I meet someone I can effortlessly talk to about music.  I had that pleasure while hanging out with Brooklyn singer/performance artist Ana Lola Roman this weekend, she’s pretty awesome.  So is this remix of her vogue-esq track Klutch by her buddy Com Truise.  

Check out Klutch and the rest of Ana Lola Roman’s music on her Soundcloud page and follow her on Tumblr.

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Black Cab

“Combat Boots”

Below is the google translation of grrrizzly's post.  Obviously, something is lost in translation, tho the music speaks very clearly for itself.  It says..”I'm awesome”

"What a day … What a struggle to stay up! Gravitational forces and virtual have very nearly put me down again. My penchant for sleeping cost me birth!”


[MP3] // Black Cab - “Combat Boots”

Quelle journée… Quel combat pour rester debout ! Les forces gravitationnelles et virtuelles ont bien failli me mettre une nouvelle fois à terre. Mon penchant pour le couchage m’a couté… Accouché !



This is sick.  Get it.

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"High Together"

Bits of classic funk with modern electro touches = awesome.   Check ‘em here.

Thanks to PhotoSynth for the tip.  Also, I will be contributing music I find to PhotoSynth’s already awesome tumblr, so check em out.

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Here is my first post for Photo Synth. 

1. I fuckin love this song

2. follow this blog, it’s dope.


Active Child

“Hanging On”

This track has been kicking around the internet for a week or so and its pretty damn immediate.  It dug deep into my chest and swayed me back and forth until I gave up, which was quickly.

Get the free track from Active Child’s forthcoming LP, You Are All I See, as part of the Adult Swim Singles Program here.

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Chrome Sparks

"All There Is" (featuring Steffaloo)

When the bass kicks in…  so dope.


Loving the new Chrome Sparks oh so much. My <3 dropped last night, and from start to finish it’s a blissful journey into lovely reverbed vocals and melodic beats that will keep this record on heavy rotation long after summer has gone. Lots more blaag love for Chrome Sparks to come. <3

My <3 is available via Bandcamp, and streaming on Soundcloud.

Gluttony Is The New Black


"Dusty" (ft. Jessica Brown)

Here is the first track off of Danish producer CHLLNGR's new record Haven on Green Owl Records.  Minimal, yet effective, it creeps forward never giving up too much.  I think it’s awesome.

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Capital Cities

"Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast"

I am really digging this.

Seems when LA-based Capital Cities isn’t writing catchy pop songs, they are writing catchy original music for television and advertising.  Smart. 

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“The Bay” (Clock Opera Remix)

First off, the original version of this track is awesome.  Secondly, this is a remix but it’s more like a complete re-imagining.  I love the chopped up verse melody as a hook.  That Knight Rider vibe is murder.   Check out Clock Opera, though they kinda sound nothing like this remix, which thirdly, is pretty rad.   


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