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RACES (formerly Black Jesus)

"Big Broom"

This is a quality medium epic.  Where Glassvegas/Interpol might be over the top mainstream epic (not there is anything wrong with that), this a great balance without any needless whining and pinning.

I picture a dude standing on a desert mountain cliff, pre-epic quest, staring into a post apocaliptical sunset in lime green tank top with Jams shorts and a hockey stick as a staff.  Nothing too specific.  Click thru for bandcamp where you can pick up a free DL or get their 7” from JAXART

Via prettygirlsmakegravez:

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Air Drops

"Giants of Canaan"

This dude is killin me.

Farewell Republic


Besides oddly sounding similar to Arcade Fire’s "Wake Up" out of the gate, Brooklyn based Farewell Republic have something pretty great here.  "Wake" comes off as a splice of Smashing Pumpkins and Glasvegas…medium epic, relentless yet soulful, washed out but melodic.

You can get “Wake” for free and pre-order the album, which releases in October, here.

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Cloud Cults

"Unexplainable Stories"



Manfred Mann’s Earth Band

"Blinded By The Light"

This epic cover of Bruce Springsteen’s first single off of his first record, Greeting’s from Asbury Park, N.J. hit #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1977 and remains his only Hot 100 #1 as a songwriter as well making Manfred Mann’s, The Roaring Silence, his best-selling record.  

A lack of pronounced  “v” in the lyric “revved up” combined with the double tracked vocals causing the “s” sound of the the lyric,”like a duece” to be smeared into a “shh” sound famously caused the chorus line to be heard as “wrapped up like a douche”.

You gotta love all 7:06 of this late-night driving gem.   

Dig this live version on The Midnight Special.

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*****NEW FAVORITE*****


"California Daze"

How did I not know about this band from Birmingham, England?!!  I have been listening to Peace’s debut Ep Delicious non-stop for the last week.  Released by Columbia last September, the four song exploration of all great things British rock culminates, for me, in this nod to Zeppelin’s “Rain Song”.

Really though the whole EP is quite ridiculous…like these guys are gonna be super famous ridiculous.  And who the hell produced/engineered/mixed this?  It sounds amazing.  Are we seeing the return of guitars via a Stone Roses nostalgia lens??  Let’s hope so.

I am gushing…yeah, but you know I never do that, so it has to carry some weight.

Peace are expected to release their debut full length on 3/25/13 via Columbia.  Check the forst single "Wraith".   

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