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Pajama People

I was pretty blown away by Allston, Mass. Pajama People when I heard their I Like Your Rugs EP this morning.

First- the songs are fantastic…haunting yet uplifting while hitting all their marks dipping and swerving like they were reading your mind. The EP flips between male and female vocal leads. Handmedown touches on pop moments a la Ariel Pink and late 70’s AM while female fronted mid-tempo Human and Getaway have a Widowspeak/Mazzy Star thing happening and may just be the true gems of this EP.

Second- the sound…damn. As a mixer and lover of the sounds of records for the mixing alone, this is one of the coolest sounding lo-fi records I have heard in a while. The closest thing to compare it to would be the Unknown Mortal Orchestra stuff with a dash of Coco Rosie. Bedroom-y but luxurious.

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"Everyone Should Know"

LCD Sound who?? Lovin’ the bounce.

YARDGAMES’ Last Picnic in Limbo has a ton of charm.  Between them, Pajama People, and Salvador Jolly there is some serious experimental pop going down in Allston. 

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Lip Color

"Wish You Were Dead"

Semi-sweet pop confection from San Diego.  Get it.

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Bob Parins

"What Do You Say" feat. Paige Gullivan

Bob Parins is an audio dynamo, weaving stylistically through all things indie rock while still maintaining a strong identity. His records are insanely listenable. I might be a little biased since I mixed a bunch of the tracks, but go ahead and see if I’m wrong. 

You can catch Bob laying down the low notes for Vetiver this summer in Europe.  Get Bob’s LP, Lucky Little Guy, here.

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"Cat Out of the Bag"

You may have heard this before…I hadn’t.  I was not aware of any of Jonathan Visger’s music as Absofacto.  I wasn’t aware of the more than 20 clever, catchy, interestingly produced and well recorded songs at all.  He writes, records, performs, and mixes himself.  Dude is damn impressive and I didn’t know about it ‘til just now.  

Cross yourself off the list of the ignorant here.

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Underwater Seacreatures

"Piece Of Mine"

These guys from Richmond, Va are pretty raw, but I am digging what they are doing. Get the Free EP

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St. Vincent


I’m a big fan of Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent.  I actually am a fan of music that works the pop idiom and stretches out interestingly while sounding fresh without being pretentious or nonsensically clever.  So yeah, I am a big fan of St. Vincent.

This is the first single of her new record Strange Mercy, releasing September 13th on 4AD

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Cities Aviv


I posted Black Box a few weeks back and have been sitting on this gem for a second.  I love the laid back yet aggressive vibe.  It’s street soul.  Get it.

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Tundra Vole

“Rush Hour in the Department of Early Humans”

This is growing on me.


Found here are super stretched out & unwound sentiments from Tundra Vole, an Australian based musician whose small rodent citing name isn’t nearly as profound as the music behind it. The whole atmosphere backing each and every track found on the self-titled release is about as distinctly driven and sparingly uneased as any Bandcamp release I’ve come across this year. All while not being too overdone at the same time, the album follows through with the tags listed on Bandcamp; cinematic & fleshy. Name your price for the release at the link below.

Listen to more tracks @ Tundra Vole’s Bandcamp

mp3//Tundra Vole — Rush Hour in the Department of Early Humans

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Flesh Forest and The Elephant Only Zoo

"Sun Dog"

There is something fun and unpretentious about Flesh Forest and The Elephant Only Zoo’s Scream Dream EP. The waves of experimental pop that flow through this 5 tracker are supremely enjoyable.  It’s definitely not for everyone, but maybe it should be.

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Strange Rivals

"French Pussy"

If I was going to fall backwards off a building in slow-motion for four minutes, I think I would like this to be the track people are listening to as I slow motion crab at things in the air. 

You can get this track and the rest of Strange Rivals new psychedelic EP over at bandcamp and you probably don’t even need to fall off a buidling.

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Spanish Prisoners

"Rich Blood"

Brooklyn’s Spanish Prisoners dropped their ambitious lo-fi dream pop LP Gold Fools today.  

While “Rich Blood” and “Know No Violence” have been out for awhile, Gold Fools is worth the spins.  Delivering even more pop hooks, slick bass lines and experimental sprawl amidst a well-crafted lo-fi soundscape, the time seems well spent.     

Check out their record release show with Caged Animals on Thursday 10/06 at Death By Audio

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This reminds me a lot of Grandaddy, so it’s not surpising that I have been enjoying the Brooklyn based band’s Sun Ray EP. While Conveyor have already released newer material, their EP is worth the look.

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Vinyl Williams


I heard Vinyl Williams kicking around on my dashboard last week and did not get a chance to really get into it til today.  I’m now floating away on a wave of vintage psych sonics…

Do yourself a favor and press play.  Get it.

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