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Swear And Shake


Some good post-Valentines Day melancholy love music to feel something to.  Kari Spieler’s vocals get me every time I listen to this track. 

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Stealing Sheep

"Noah’s Days"

You remember that one spring day when you dropped some acid or took mushrooms and got lost and wandered into some super friendly hippie chic that was hell bent on making sure you didn’t fall off the edge of your mind?   Yeah?..well this music is what she was doing before you rolled up on her. 

Surprisingly listenable, one part Fleet Foxes and one part Bat for Lashes, UK’s Stealing Sheep blend folk and psych pop into something familiar and fresh at the same time.

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Willie Stratton




Now, THIS is folk music.



“Gun Shy”

There is a whole lot of Hope Sandoval/Mazzy Star-esq music floating around the web these days.  When I first wrote about Widowspeak at the end of last year, one could make the case that was all that Widowspeak really was, an enjoyable take on that sound.

While the comparison may still be valid, Widowspeak have matured and their music is much less akin to the drugged out self-loathing vibe of the 90’s or straight 60’s psychedelia.  Their self-titled LP feels more assured and much more awake.

Widowspeak will release their first LP on Captured Tracks on August 9th.

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You Won’t

“Three Car Garage”

I am not a huge fan of folk-y jangly music.  I do not quite celebrate all of Bob Dylan’s catalog, but this folk pop number from Boston’s You Won’t struck me a super listenable.  I am loving that tom-rolled hook and because of that, I am gonna share it with you guys and probably listen to it about 100 more times. 


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This reminds me a lot of Grandaddy, so it’s not surpising that I have been enjoying the Brooklyn based band’s Sun Ray EP. While Conveyor have already released newer material, their EP is worth the look.

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"Newton Creek"

Stumbled upon this live gem last week and the folks from Chimneys were kind enough to slip me a dose to share with all of you.  

Spacey enough for Monday, but rockin enough to get the week going.  

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Electric Guest

"American Daydream"

This is a smooth-as-they-come comfort jam from the LA-based duo.  

Look for their self-titled debut, produced by Danger Mouse, out on Downtown in 2012.   

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Blake Mills


Big thanks to IGIF for introducing me to producer/writer Blake Mills.  This brilliantly arranged/recorded pop gem takes a Fleetwood Mac-esq turn for the better.  This one is gonna stick around on my short playlist.

Hear more.


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Pure Bathing Culture

"Ivory Coast"

Excited for this release.


This dreamy single from Portland duo Daniel Hindman and Sarah Versprille is hittin’ the spot right now. Gauzy white sunshine and pastel blossoms. You didn’t know you needed an anthem for springtime, did you?

Their brand new self-titled EP comes out on May 22nd on Father/Daughter Records - you can pre-order the vinyl right here.

Such Hounds

"Sleeping with Me"

Here is a sweet BK band you may want to get to know a little better.  I have been tracking these guys for a bit and dig their Tom Petty meets Band Of Horses style.

They have a 3 song EP you can get for free over at their bandcamp, which they pull off magnificently live.  You can find out for yourself at Cameo of the 14th of May.  I’ll be there to tell you I told you so. 

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"I Don’t Need Love"

The good people over at have been doing a video series called Feels Like Home in which, you guessed it, they film bands performing at their homes.  

Recently, they documented the excellant Portland-based experimental psych-rock band Aan performing the catchy first track, from their forthcoming LP Amor Ad Nauseum, amongst a sea of ballons.

I suggest you also check out the studio cut of "I Don’t Need Love" over at their bandcamp.


Elliot Smith

"Between The Bars"

I am going to spare you from trying to explain the impact that Elliot Smith had on me when I first heard his music way back in the mid-nineties, but know that his music can capture the emotional payload of a moment and deliver it unfaded by time decades later, something I was reminded of a few days ago.

Monday would have been Elliot Smith’s 43rd birthday and, according to P4K, Kill Rock Stars is doing a bunch of cool promotions for Mr. Smith’s catalog, including some first-time vinyl releases.

It’s terribly sad when you lose a genius like Elliot Smith, but I am always comforted by the fact that his music has an immortality that few things created will ever enjoy.

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Jacco Gardner

"Where Will You Go"

A good friend played this for me the other day and it was a pretty immediate response of …”Oh yeah…this is dope”.  It’s an undeniable melange of classic 60’s psych, and yes, I don’t think that get’s old.

I am guessing this little Tame Impala-esq jam from the 24-year old Dutchman will cause you to have a similar reaction.

Grab the the limited 7” pressing from the awesome, Chicago-based, Trouble In Mind.

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"Wet & Dripping" (New Version)


While this new version of “Wet & Dripping” from Portland experimental folk outfit Aan’s upcoming record, is not terribly different from the version that appeared on their 2010 EP I Could Be Girl For Youit does reach out from the crowd of music noise and say “Play me again!”.  Loving those bass/guitar stabs.  

While your enjoying this cut, check out their new Mystery Life 7”.


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