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"Heyday Past Heyday Due"

Strangely awesome.

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Their second full-length is out on Woodsist.

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Chiquita y Chatarra

"Oh Cherry, Cherry"

I have kinda been into that late sixties garage type of sound lately and Chiquita y Chatarra totally feed that need. 

Blasting out of Oviedo, Spain this all-girl duo bring the smoldering 2 minute intensity to almost every one of the 12 cuts on Animal de Amor.  The honesty is palpable… and that is the cornerstone of making good music.  Get it.

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Dum Dum Girls

"Bedroom Eyes"

I was skeptical of their too-much-like-Mazzy-Star sound, but the hooks just keep coming.  I am being converted. 


"Slacking Scholar"

Stumbled upon this Toronto four piece a few days ago  ”Slacking Scholar” sounds exactly like what I think of when I hear the phrase “indie rock”.  That mid to late 90’s catchy rock that’s not too heavy but Big Muff heavy nonetheless sound.  

The 90’s was a time when a lot of bands used to come up with interesting guitars parts for each song that didn’t sound exactly like the track before.  Sports aren’t ripping from that past time, but elevating the game of a band who can obviously do a whole lot more than the status quo.   

The recording itself is pretty slamming as well, it’s not easy getting big guitars AND big drums, well done Peter Chapman, well done.  Check it.  

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"I Told You Once"

This Minneapolis four piece just rolled trough NYC last week hitting up both The Bowery Ballroom and Glasslands.  I really dig their hi-fi-trashy pop sound.  These guys might have the skills to pay their bills for awhile. 

You can snag the single for the price of an email at their website or pony up for their This One’s Different EP at the Rough Trade store or iTunes.  


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Plates Of Cake

"As If The Choice Were Mine"

Dig the 60’s folk pop feel aplenty on this two minute slice of garage rock…very The Byrds.   I really love the way this track sounds, aggressive yet placid.  The hook sinks in fast.

Check out the Brooklyn four piece at Spike Hill this Fri 10/28 with Radical Dads.  Get the track.

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"Cola Elixir"

A few months back I blogged about a sweet new track from New Zealand group Kody & Bic, a collaboration between ex-Mint Chicks singer/drummer Kody Nielson and New Zealand pop star Bic Runga.  Shortly after the post, the music was whisked away from bandcamp… 

Flash forward to this week.  Still sporting a lineup of both Kody and Bic as well as Kody’s father Chris, this 60’s psychedelic pop jam under the name OPOSSOM appeared and I could not resist it’s gloriously fun immediacy.  

This time it looks as though there will be an LP in the future.  Electric Hawaii is due out in early 2012.

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The Black Tambourines

"27-25 Blues"

Not that long ago, is was pretty difficult to fake or even honestly approximate past eras of recording.  There would always be something a bit off, there was always a “tell” that a song was new.  That isn’t so much the case anymore and, personally, I don’t mind because I don’t need every new artist I hear to redefine or blaze a new genre.  Sometimes it’s nice to hear catchy songs with a familiar aesthetic recreated with passion and energy.  That’s what The Black Tambourines are doing and I’m digging it because it feels honest.  

Grab the dusty garage glory  of their Chica EP, out on Art Is Hard Records, over at bandcamp.

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The Quiet Americans


This track is so cool.  I imagine this is the music you hear when the girl of your dreams walks through the door for the first time.  That mix of exhilaration in seeing the beauty of your future and the pinch of anxiety knowing you have to go make it happen.

Go listen to the rest of the Medicine EP at bandcamp.


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"Blue Meanies"

Here is a new cut from Kody Nielson and co.’s forthcoming Electric Hawaii out April 21st. Get it.

Been crushing on this group for quite some time, I think the LP is gonna be psych-pop gold.  Check out the rad video for the previously released "Getaway".

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Turnip King (x-Beach Moms)


Some things are just simple and fun and don’t require a lot of thought.  After listening to "Seasons" from Sea Cliff NY’s Turnip King (who recently changed their name from Beach Moms) about a dozen times, it is still as vibrant as it was the first time through.  

Sure we have all heard that fuzzy surf garage sound done and done again to death over the last few years, but something about Lucia Arias’s vocals make this just a little more memorable, a little more fun.  

It’s starting to feel like summer.  Get it. 

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Royal Headache

"Down The Lane"

Been sitting on this gem for too long, but after seeing this bombastic pop Australian 4 piece rip through their set last night during Northside festival, I gotta share this track.    

Grab their LP out on What’s Your Rupture? and try to catch them while they’re still in the US.

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This Dan Auerbach produced track came out last fall, but it’s perfect summer listening. Check out their Shakedown LP out on Collective Sounds.

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