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"Now I’m A Stone"

Lana from I Rather Walk tipped me off to this band the other day.  These recording are labeled as demos so I am very interested to hear what finished tracks would sound like. 

It’s rare to hear a vocalist carry a track with ZERO sauce on his voice over sparse arrangements but that exactly what’s happening here.  They got a Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks thing going on that is super inviting. This song crawls under your skin and makes itself very comfortable.  Check them with Free Energy at Glasslands 4/29.

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TV Girl

"Overboard" (Dirty Gold cover)

Last week I posted Dirty Gold’s summery Overboard.  A month ago, they released a cover swap digital split 7” with fellow San Diego native TV Girl.  I love TV Girl’s breakbeat version of Overboard.

So press play already.

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"Tell Me Why"

I got a call a week or so ago from Producer/Engineer Mario Quintero over at Blackbox Recording in San Diego.  He tells me he just finished an EP with a young band named D/Wolves and I should hear it.  I was blown away.  The melodies were so immediate.  Sounded kinda like Smith Westerns meets early Weezer.  D/Wovles pull of a really impressive mix of indie pop, grunge intensity, and experimentation.  Turns out the young lead singer/guitarist is Joel Williams who not only plays in TV Girl, but is also the younger brother of Nathan Williams of Wavves. That’s probably not gonna hurt.

The EP is not available yet but you can check the more sprawling previous record Freak Of Nature at bandcamp.

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Eat Your Birthday Cake

"You With That Short Hair"

There is something pretty fresh sounding about this track.  It’s got a little of that Nada Surf “Popular” talking verse action.  It’s also got that 90’s slacker-hypnotic thing.  I’m hypnotized.


“You With That Short Hair” is admiration from a comfortable distance.  The separation is evident, but not as pervasive as the attraction.  The palpable nerves are endearing, if not entirely admirable.  Reservations are not a sign of weakness, but a fact of reality.

Enemies is out on May 7.  Check out Eat Your Birthday Cake on Tumblr.

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Leann Grimes

"Cats & Dogs in Idaho" feat. samples from “Cats & Dogs”
and “Coeur D’alene”, by The Head and the Heart

Check out this indie hip-hop remix project from Asheville, NC native Shane Conerty’s Leann Grimes.  Inspired and created with the music he found on music blogs, he crafts some pretty interesting arrangements with some pretty popular tracks from blog/mainstream a-listers like Deerhunter, The Strokes, CAKE, Dr. Dog, and The Morning Benders to name a few.  All the tracks are pretty up beat, short, and fun. Grab the free downloads here.

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"The Bay"

This track is the jam.

Lip Color

"Wish You Were Dead"

Semi-sweet pop confection from San Diego.  Get it.

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Bob Parins

"What Do You Say" feat. Paige Gullivan

Bob Parins is an audio dynamo, weaving stylistically through all things indie rock while still maintaining a strong identity. His records are insanely listenable. I might be a little biased since I mixed a bunch of the tracks, but go ahead and see if I’m wrong. 

You can catch Bob laying down the low notes for Vetiver this summer in Europe.  Get Bob’s LP, Lucky Little Guy, here.

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Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear and George Lewis Jr. aka Twin Shadow collaborate for full length CANT LP Dreams Come True

Record drops on Sept 13th on Terrible Records. (via ACE)

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Dig this blissed out dance track from San Francisco’s Giraffage. This is gonna go straight to my running mix.

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"Stuck In My Id"

Athens, GA based Reptar rolls into Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight with Art Brut.  They will have people dancing for sure, or whatever the Brooklyn equivalent is.  Reptar just released their EP at the end of April and if you have not checked them out, they are worth your attention.  Shit is fun and addictive.  Go see ‘em and get their EP on Quality Faucet Records.

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Painted Palms

"All of Us" (Beat Connection remix)

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Nab that wax from Secretly Canadian today.



Philly’s Andrew Balasia goes under the name Gracie and delivers minimalist dreamy pastiche pop with flourishes of chillwave-ness and R ‘n B.  It’s mostly just relaxing so it’s a great way to end the long week.

His For Summer EP dropped this week via dig label Absent FeverGet it.

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"Blinds With You"

Here is one of my fav tracks from Arrange’s awesome Plantation.

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We Are Animal

Luminous Lights

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