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Willie Stratton




Now, THIS is folk music.

Young Man

"Then and Now"

Audiotree Live Session + mp3

Loving this.


Last night was the second time I was lucky enough to catch these talented young gents live. With Chicago’s Young Man, fronted by 22 year old Colin Caulfield, the brilliance runs deep and the need for special effects are minimal. It’s truly a pleasure to experience a live show that out shines an artist’s recorded work. Doesn’t happen that often. Listen to this amazing track above and watch the live recording below. So good.

Young Man performs “Then and Now” live at Audiotree Studios

Buy Young Man’s lovely debut record Ideas of Distance out now on French Kiss Records.

Check out more live Audiotree Sessions HERE.

Ingvild Østgård

"You Will Never Know"

This live track has been bouncing around the blogosphere for a few weeks and I must have listed to it a hundred times.  It’s a completely effecting blend of modern aesthetics and emotion.  

Many thanks to Musicvagabond (via yvynylfor the intro to this rad tune.  Get it.

539 plays

King Krule

"Rock Bottom" (Live at Converse Rubber Tracks, BK, NYC)

Hundred Waters


Back in May of last year I had the honor of producing a 7” for Hundred Waters at Stadium Red in Harlem.  We recorded alternate acoustic versions of Vistor and Caverns from their debut full length.  

Yours Truly was on hand to capture the gorgeous solo piano performance that followed, just the second and final take from Nicole.

You can order the limited Stadium Red Sessions vinyl release directly from Small Plates