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Youth Lagoon


Youth Lagoon’s debut LP The Year Of Hibernation, is out now on Fat Possum and if you have not taken the time to let it wash over you, you are really missing out.  22 year old Boise, ID native Trevor Powers writes candidly about his own personal struggles and one is left with the feeling they have just witnessed a confession of a very intimate nature.  A very beautifully musical nature.  

Just let “Seventeen” unfold…you’ll get it.



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I’m down with what Abadabad is up to.


The homie Jimmy Morris of Head Underwater premiered a brand new Abadabad track today, and the first thing that came to mind when I heard that track was FINALLY. The soul dripping brilliance behind Abadabad is Knoxville, TN’s Jeremy Lee Given, who’s southern roots have been breaking hearts and wetting beds over the past year with his incredible solo record Old Flames.

Abadabad’s latest track, “Indiana” is the musical progression of Jeremy’s work as an artist. From Abadabad’s start as a sleepy, pop-heavy bedroom project into a five piece full-on indie rock band with an updated take on vintage analog, and Jeremy’s vocals leading Abadabad’s songs into my heart. Killin’ it. Definitely an artist to check out at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon.


Check Abadabad’s FB page for CMJ dates and lots of random.

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Go Cozy

“Sage Along My Life”

A few weeks back I received a submission from Silver Springs, MD band Go Cozy… I loved it.  It seemed like everyone else did as well so when I saw they had released a new pair of tracks… I was eager to share.  They do not disappoint.  Get it.

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"So Dead"

I’m digging the upbeat pop turn Toronto’s Tearjerker has taken on this new single.  It’s like music for a montage of parts of your life that have not yet happened…

On Nov. 15th their new full length, Rare, drops.  If “So Dead” is any indication, you should get pysched…now

Grab the single for free. 

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Slow Magic

“Feel Flows”

Slow Magic is back at it with this gothic chillwave slowburner.  Press play and float along.  Get it.

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The Black Tambourines

"27-25 Blues"

Not that long ago, is was pretty difficult to fake or even honestly approximate past eras of recording.  There would always be something a bit off, there was always a “tell” that a song was new.  That isn’t so much the case anymore and, personally, I don’t mind because I don’t need every new artist I hear to redefine or blaze a new genre.  Sometimes it’s nice to hear catchy songs with a familiar aesthetic recreated with passion and energy.  That’s what The Black Tambourines are doing and I’m digging it because it feels honest.  

Grab the dusty garage glory  of their Chica EP, out on Art Is Hard Records, over at bandcamp.

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Last week, Portland, OR’s Grandparents released their Fumes EP.  It’s a gorgeous psychedelic sprawl of dreamy americana shoegaze.  It grabs you right off the bat with the opener "Arrows" and keeps you glued to the last moment of "Golden Isles".  

Yeah…I’m a fan.  Defintiley the best EP I have heard in this young year.  Also, if their bandcamp page is to be believed and they really recorded this whole record on a Tascam Portastudio 488  MkII, then I am truly blown away. Get some.

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Spanish Prisoners

"Downtown Chicagoland" (PE1000version)

Inspired by a recent purchase of a Korg PE1000, this B-side alternative version of the latest single from Spanish Prisoner’s 2011 Gold Fools LP will be avilbable on their forthcoming Prior Art Mixtape.  Check it out because it gives the original a run for it’s money.  Thanks to Leo from SP for sending this over.  Get it.

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Diluted Giants


Dig this breezy number from North Carolina’s Diluted Giants.  Their No Good Asuras EP strikes me as a pleasant blend of White Denim and Ariel Pink…with moments of Chicago meets early Pink Floyd.  

You should really just press play and dig it for yourself.  Get it.

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The Quiet Americans


This track is so cool.  I imagine this is the music you hear when the girl of your dreams walks through the door for the first time.  That mix of exhilaration in seeing the beauty of your future and the pinch of anxiety knowing you have to go make it happen.

Go listen to the rest of the Medicine EP at bandcamp.


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"Blue Meanies"

Here is a new cut from Kody Nielson and co.’s forthcoming Electric Hawaii out April 21st. Get it.

Been crushing on this group for quite some time, I think the LP is gonna be psych-pop gold.  Check out the rad video for the previously released "Getaway".

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Turnip King (x-Beach Moms)


Some things are just simple and fun and don’t require a lot of thought.  After listening to "Seasons" from Sea Cliff NY’s Turnip King (who recently changed their name from Beach Moms) about a dozen times, it is still as vibrant as it was the first time through.  

Sure we have all heard that fuzzy surf garage sound done and done again to death over the last few years, but something about Lucia Arias’s vocals make this just a little more memorable, a little more fun.  

It’s starting to feel like summer.  Get it. 

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*****NEW FAVORITE*****

Daughn Gibson

"Lite Me Up"

After weeks of hearing about Daughn Gibson and missing his recent visit to NYC, I finally got around to listening to his new 7” he is putting out on Dull Knife and…damn…it’s pretty fantastic.  Make sure you also check out the amazing downtempo B side "Mark Of A Man" .

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Royal Headache

"Down The Lane"

Been sitting on this gem for too long, but after seeing this bombastic pop Australian 4 piece rip through their set last night during Northside festival, I gotta share this track.    

Grab their LP out on What’s Your Rupture? and try to catch them while they’re still in the US.

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