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Little Racer

"Little Racer"

Stumbled upon this gem from Brooklyn’s Little Racer the other day. Def one of those tracks that I liked right away, great hook.  Go ahead and see if you do, the play button is right there.

Not much info to be found on them except that they are playing tonight at Glasslands 4/12 w/ Surf City, Darlings, and Lingering Doubts.  Check out there other tracks on bandcamp.

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Human League

"Mirror Man"

I wouldn’t consider Human League to be obscure by any stretch, but I am always surprised by how many people who dig synth pop do not know about them.  Maybe they didn’t know it was Human League that wrote that song they heard that time that they really liked.

Anyway…here is Mirror Man.  It’s no doubt a rad track that you may have heard in commercials.  It’s a got a touch of that Motown soul that lifts it a bit out of the synth pop genre.  Dig that bass lick in the pre-chorus, the backing vocals in the verse and chorus, the tamborine that overtakes the snare.

Mirror Man is not Human League’s biggest hit, but you can find the other 3 big HL cuts everywhere, the obvious and amazing Don’t You Wan’t Me  and (Keep Feeling) Fascination, as well as the hit ballad Human.

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"Palm Springs"

La-based Superhumanoids dropped their Parasite People EP on Tues 4/19 and this is the cut that got me. Gonna layout by the pool today?  Put this on repeat. You can check the rest of their warm weather offerings here.

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TV Girl

"Overboard" (Dirty Gold cover)

Last week I posted Dirty Gold’s summery Overboard.  A month ago, they released a cover swap digital split 7” with fellow San Diego native TV Girl.  I love TV Girl’s breakbeat version of Overboard.

So press play already.

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"Tell Me Why"

I got a call a week or so ago from Producer/Engineer Mario Quintero over at Blackbox Recording in San Diego.  He tells me he just finished an EP with a young band named D/Wolves and I should hear it.  I was blown away.  The melodies were so immediate.  Sounded kinda like Smith Westerns meets early Weezer.  D/Wovles pull of a really impressive mix of indie pop, grunge intensity, and experimentation.  Turns out the young lead singer/guitarist is Joel Williams who not only plays in TV Girl, but is also the younger brother of Nathan Williams of Wavves. That’s probably not gonna hurt.

The EP is not available yet but you can check the more sprawling previous record Freak Of Nature at bandcamp.

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Paper Bear

"We Can Still Dance"

Japan’s Paper Bear makes patient glitchy synth dance pop a touch reminiscent of Gang Gang Dance.  Not too aggressive, but bouncy enough to keep you listening.  Love that synth bass lick…this almost sounds like a modern version of "Genius of Love.

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Champagne For Dinner

"Don’t Call This Destiny"

Here is some awesome weirdness I stumbled upon today.  Love that 80’s synth funk.

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Art Imperial

"The Inbetweener"

There is is something quite familiar about Arthur Imperial’s voice…Surfer Blood? Animal Collective? I just haven’t been able to figure it out since I stumbled upon this fun slice of surf pop last week from Toronto’s Art Imperial.

After getting some blog buzz last year with his group Strider Hero, Arthur decided to transport himself from his cold suburban surroundings and go tropical. Two weeks later, The Surf Suburban EP had been written and recorded in his mom’s basement. While the whole EP stands up on first listen, the non-stop pulse of standout The Inbetweener is the perfect accompaniment to yet-to-be-enjoyed high energy summer nights. 

The EP will become available on bandcamp on 5/14 but until then you can download The Inbetweener exclusively here! Thanks Art Imperial!!


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"Hard Fall"

Man, I thought I was over chillwave…guess that’s like getting over sun drenched summer days and BBQ’s.  This RULES!

Check out the Boise group thru Holy Page Records, or on FB

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Stealing Sheep

"Noah’s Days"

You remember that one spring day when you dropped some acid or took mushrooms and got lost and wandered into some super friendly hippie chic that was hell bent on making sure you didn’t fall off the edge of your mind?   Yeah?..well this music is what she was doing before you rolled up on her. 

Surprisingly listenable, one part Fleet Foxes and one part Bat for Lashes, UK’s Stealing Sheep blend folk and psych pop into something familiar and fresh at the same time.

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"Park Slope (I’m Sorry)"

Wow.  I found this track on Saturday during a pretty typical search for things a little obscure.  At the time I didn’t know if was from Knoxville songwriter Jeremy Lee Given, but I do now because, since Saturday, I have seen it permeate through the blogosphere:  Antlered Pigeons, Flashlight Tag, The New Black, Head Underwater, and today Yvynyl …and they are just the blogs I have seen. 

Damn, I guess that means they all felt the same way that I did, that Park Slope has that special magic that makes it a pretty easy sell, soothing, comforting and a memorable hook. Looking forward to hear what’s next for Given’s ABADABAD.  Next time, I wont wait to share. Grab the track for free at bandcamp.

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Garden Parties

"Under The Sun"

Yesterday, I woke up to this track in my inbox…I was stoked.  I later came to find out this was the fledgling work of Boston’s Luke Brandfon aka Garden Parties.  I love the summer glaze to the vocals, the pimp single note rhythm guitar keeping the groove down, the trashy slurry to the hi-hats, the vocal pads.  Sonically, it has obvious similarity to its forebearers, but if chillwave music never dies, so doesn’t the feeling…especially in the spring. 

You can pick up Under The Sun at bandcamp. Looking forward to what comes next!

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"California Birds"

Abadabad strikes again! They are now two for two with the latest place referencing track, California Birds.

via neonwaves:

Download ‘California Birds’ from Abadabad’s Bandcamp for $2 or for free from their Soundcloud.
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