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"Ordinary Life"

My friend Zac Colwell (Jupiter One, CHAPPO, Fancy Colors) turned me one to this Portland duo the other day and I have been digging this track ever since.  Definitely one you got let slow burn, but it pays off.  Get it.

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"Into Black"

If I told you this was an overlooked gem from 1983 that I ripped from a cassette…would you believe me?  

Well, it’s not. 

Possessing all the charm and aesthetic of the aforementioned era, this is the first single off Portland trio Blouse’s gorgeous self-titled debut LP.

Released on Captured Tracks earlier this month, don’t wait any longer to check them out.  (via)

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Last week, Portland, OR’s Grandparents released their Fumes EP.  It’s a gorgeous psychedelic sprawl of dreamy americana shoegaze.  It grabs you right off the bat with the opener "Arrows" and keeps you glued to the last moment of "Golden Isles".  

Yeah…I’m a fan.  Defintiley the best EP I have heard in this young year.  Also, if their bandcamp page is to be believed and they really recorded this whole record on a Tascam Portastudio 488  MkII, then I am truly blown away. Get some.

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We Miss The Earth

"Matthew Edwards"

Portland Oregon trio We Miss The Earth are bringing the blown out shoegazey-ness on the four unmastered tracks they have posted from their forth coming LP, Walking Nervous.  It’s a gloriously over-saturated sound bomb. Check it.

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"Wet & Dripping" (New Version)


While this new version of “Wet & Dripping” from Portland experimental folk outfit Aan’s upcoming record, is not terribly different from the version that appeared on their 2010 EP I Could Be Girl For Youit does reach out from the crowd of music noise and say “Play me again!”.  Loving those bass/guitar stabs.  

While your enjoying this cut, check out their new Mystery Life 7”.


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