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Stealing Sheep

"Noah’s Days"

You remember that one spring day when you dropped some acid or took mushrooms and got lost and wandered into some super friendly hippie chic that was hell bent on making sure you didn’t fall off the edge of your mind?   Yeah?..well this music is what she was doing before you rolled up on her. 

Surprisingly listenable, one part Fleet Foxes and one part Bat for Lashes, UK’s Stealing Sheep blend folk and psych pop into something familiar and fresh at the same time.

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Bob Parins

"What Do You Say" feat. Paige Gullivan

Bob Parins is an audio dynamo, weaving stylistically through all things indie rock while still maintaining a strong identity. His records are insanely listenable. I might be a little biased since I mixed a bunch of the tracks, but go ahead and see if I’m wrong. 

You can catch Bob laying down the low notes for Vetiver this summer in Europe.  Get Bob’s LP, Lucky Little Guy, here.

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Post #2 for Photo Synth Project.  This track is too good not to reblog.  If you have not followed PhotoSynth yet…your just prolonging the inevitable. Follow them.




Easily one of the best tracks from the past week has been the limited edition 7” single from Chairlift being released by Terrible Records on August 16th.

“Amanaemonesia” is fun.  Despite dipping into to some of the best of the 80’s sound palette as well moments from fellow NYC pop-psych explorers MGMT and Yeasayer’s playbook, the song still sounds fresh and unique.  Oh yeah, it’s also catchy as hell.

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“Gun Shy”

There is a whole lot of Hope Sandoval/Mazzy Star-esq music floating around the web these days.  When I first wrote about Widowspeak at the end of last year, one could make the case that was all that Widowspeak really was, an enjoyable take on that sound.

While the comparison may still be valid, Widowspeak have matured and their music is much less akin to the drugged out self-loathing vibe of the 90’s or straight 60’s psychedelia.  Their self-titled LP feels more assured and much more awake.

Widowspeak will release their first LP on Captured Tracks on August 9th.

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Strange Rivals

"French Pussy"

If I was going to fall backwards off a building in slow-motion for four minutes, I think I would like this to be the track people are listening to as I slow motion crab at things in the air. 

You can get this track and the rest of Strange Rivals new psychedelic EP over at bandcamp and you probably don’t even need to fall off a buidling.

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The Morning Clouds

"The Wrong Things"

There has been a pretty decent PR push for The Morning Clouds the last couple days.  Their EP Wasted Youth Blues drops on October 11th on Lefse Records

While I tend to shy away from the more heavily publicized tracks, I don’t really give a shit if I like it…and I like this.  It’s seductive yet not too pretentious and it’s got that dreamy, surf, throwback yet now modern sound that has been evolving in bedrooms all over the music-sphere for the last couple of years.  So yeah…press play already.


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Model’s Can’t Fuck

"Give It Time"

MCF is the one man band project of Hungarian based singer/songwriter Árpi Szarvas.  Taking his cues from artists like Pink Floyd, Eno, Kraftwerk, and Giorgio Moroder, he blends a surprisingly modern take on late 60’s psych and 70’s electro.

Check out his 3 song Move To Iceland EP on bandcamp.

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Spanish Prisoners

"Rich Blood"

Brooklyn’s Spanish Prisoners dropped their ambitious lo-fi dream pop LP Gold Fools today.  

While “Rich Blood” and “Know No Violence” have been out for awhile, Gold Fools is worth the spins.  Delivering even more pop hooks, slick bass lines and experimental sprawl amidst a well-crafted lo-fi soundscape, the time seems well spent.     

Check out their record release show with Caged Animals on Thursday 10/06 at Death By Audio

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Jeremy Schmidt

"Beyond The Black Rainbow"

This is a scene from Beyond The Black Rainbow, the music was done by Jeremy Schmidt of Sinoia Caves and Black MountainLove this track.

Such Hounds

"Sleeping with Me"

Here is a sweet BK band you may want to get to know a little better.  I have been tracking these guys for a bit and dig their Tom Petty meets Band Of Horses style.

They have a 3 song EP you can get for free over at their bandcamp, which they pull off magnificently live.  You can find out for yourself at Cameo of the 14th of May.  I’ll be there to tell you I told you so. 

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Tame Impala

"Apocalypse Dreams"

Oh what’s that?  There is a new Tame Impala track and it’s already been minted by the big dog blogs?

Yeah, I’m posting that anyway ‘cause I’m a straight fan of Tame Impala and it’s the first single off their new Lonerism LP out in October on Modular. Trade your email add for it.

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*****KARATE CHOPS*****



Been sitting on this charming lo-fi psych LP for a couple weeks, but it’s time for another Karate Chops so we must share.

While Only Children comes off like classic 60’s folk-pop psych at first blush, (or demoes from a new Tame Impala record) it never loses it’s way and is quite the satisfying listen.  

This is the type of record vinyl enthusiasts live for, inviting, sly, and better with every listen.