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Zach Foty

"April’s Jacket"

Yet another summer jam from the always giving tree of bandcamp.  This time it’s Minneapolis’s Zach Foty on the well-crafted 2’s and 4’s giving us another four minutes and twenty seconds worth of reasons to stay out in the sun.

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"Satin Skies"

The wonderful people at Beachtapes were kind enough to reach out with the awesome new Triptides single Going Under/Satin Skies

With 20’ guitar strums breaking into soft sandy vocals under the warm reverbed sun, the surf’s way up at nostalgia beach! 

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Zoning out today to this. Get this track.

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Young Man

"Then and Now"

Audiotree Live Session + mp3

Loving this.


Last night was the second time I was lucky enough to catch these talented young gents live. With Chicago’s Young Man, fronted by 22 year old Colin Caulfield, the brilliance runs deep and the need for special effects are minimal. It’s truly a pleasure to experience a live show that out shines an artist’s recorded work. Doesn’t happen that often. Listen to this amazing track above and watch the live recording below. So good.

Young Man performs “Then and Now” live at Audiotree Studios

Buy Young Man’s lovely debut record Ideas of Distance out now on French Kiss Records.

Check out more live Audiotree Sessions HERE.

Mack Winston & The Reflections

"One You Want (Dub Mix)"

This is rad.  Kick back and breathe in this little gem.  The original is pretty good as well…big surprise.

Get it with your email address.

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I’m over chillwave, but this little electro jam is niiice.  Half reminds me of some final scene from an episode of Knight Rider and the last level of a nintendo game. Get it.

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"So Dead"

I’m digging the upbeat pop turn Toronto’s Tearjerker has taken on this new single.  It’s like music for a montage of parts of your life that have not yet happened…

On Nov. 15th their new full length, Rare, drops.  If “So Dead” is any indication, you should get pysched…now

Grab the single for free. 

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Slow Magic

“Feel Flows”

Slow Magic is back at it with this gothic chillwave slowburner.  Press play and float along.  Get it.

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Young Heel


For some reason, I kinda tried not to like this but it got under my skin and wouldn’t go away.

So you can relax to this super comfy electro yacht-rock jam from Brooklyn’s Young Heel while I continue doing a terrible job at being over anything even vaguely chillwave.  Get their debut EP Falls over at bandcamp.

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Young Hunting


Stumbled across this last week on a bandcamp search for some dreamy summer music.  

If your still worked over from a long week of festivities put this relaxed-out pop gem from the L.A. five-piece on repeat and slip into the new work week.  Get It.

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I must admit, I was not crazy about Mike Diaz’s, aka Millionyoung, previous LP effort Replicants.  However, if this first single from his forthcoming Variable LP, out on Old Flame Records on Feb. 12th, is any indication, I am probably gonna be a fan. 

This is just the right amount of relax.

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