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"Now I’m A Stone"

Lana from I Rather Walk tipped me off to this band the other day.  These recording are labeled as demos so I am very interested to hear what finished tracks would sound like. 

It’s rare to hear a vocalist carry a track with ZERO sauce on his voice over sparse arrangements but that exactly what’s happening here.  They got a Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks thing going on that is super inviting. This song crawls under your skin and makes itself very comfortable.  Check them with Free Energy at Glasslands 4/29.

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Eat Your Birthday Cake

"You With That Short Hair"

There is something pretty fresh sounding about this track.  It’s got a little of that Nada Surf “Popular” talking verse action.  It’s also got that 90’s slacker-hypnotic thing.  I’m hypnotized.


“You With That Short Hair” is admiration from a comfortable distance.  The separation is evident, but not as pervasive as the attraction.  The palpable nerves are endearing, if not entirely admirable.  Reservations are not a sign of weakness, but a fact of reality.

Enemies is out on May 7.  Check out Eat Your Birthday Cake on Tumblr.

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Kody & Bic

"Darkness All Around Us"

This has to be one of the coolest, most effortlessly beautiful tracks I have found, let alone heard, in a long time.  It’s rare that a vibe can be so strong and immediately understood the way the sinister joy can be felt in Darkness.

The combination of ex-Mint Chicks lead singer Kody Nielson and one of New Zealand’s biggest stars, Bic Runga, is quite powerfully on display here.  Right now Kody & Bic only have put out Darkness All Around Us and the explosively poppy yet eerie Change, but I feel they are only at the beginning of what I hope is a tremendous collaboration.


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"Heyday Past Heyday Due"

Strangely awesome.

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Their second full-length is out on Woodsist.

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"Walk All Over Me (LIVE)"

Turn this up.  Get it.

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Kitten Berry Crunch

"When This Is Over"

This is kinda stupid, right?? It’s tongue in cheek. The band name is ridiculous. It kind sounds like Head Automatica meets an early 90’s synth pop band. But why do I keep listening to it??!! Why??!! Sometimes, you have no control over things you really like. Get it.

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The Armed Forces

"Vultures (You Never Shut Up)"

Brandon Jazz if a goofball. I think he would be the first to agree, but damn if every time this track pops up on a shuffle I don’t jam out. Shit is catchy as hell. I also love the sound of the recording, Its got that big round and clear mid to late-aughts mainstream drum sound and the harmonized guitars sound like Pilot. Maybe Vultures isn’t quite fleshed out and maybe it sounds too much like The Matches, but maybe I don’t really care. Get it.

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Bob Parins

"What Do You Say" feat. Paige Gullivan

Bob Parins is an audio dynamo, weaving stylistically through all things indie rock while still maintaining a strong identity. His records are insanely listenable. I might be a little biased since I mixed a bunch of the tracks, but go ahead and see if I’m wrong. 

You can catch Bob laying down the low notes for Vetiver this summer in Europe.  Get Bob’s LP, Lucky Little Guy, here.

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Pure Bathing Culture

"Silver Shore’s Lake"

I love this.  It’s intoxicating.  So evocative of times past, yet so fresh.  I imagine David Gilmour and Christopher Cross were in the studio at the console. 

I actually know that it was Richard Swift on the desk because Pure Bathing Culture are comprised of my good friends Sarah and Dan.  They recently left my beloved NYC for greener pastures in Portland, OR.  Looks like the pastures are coming up pretty green.

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"Cat Out of the Bag"

You may have heard this before…I hadn’t.  I was not aware of any of Jonathan Visger’s music as Absofacto.  I wasn’t aware of the more than 20 clever, catchy, interestingly produced and well recorded songs at all.  He writes, records, performs, and mixes himself.  Dude is damn impressive and I didn’t know about it ‘til just now.  

Cross yourself off the list of the ignorant here.

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We Are Animal

Luminous Lights

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Farewell Republic


Besides oddly sounding similar to Arcade Fire’s "Wake Up" out of the gate, Brooklyn based Farewell Republic have something pretty great here.  "Wake" comes off as a splice of Smashing Pumpkins and Glasvegas…medium epic, relentless yet soulful, washed out but melodic.

You can get “Wake” for free and pre-order the album, which releases in October, here.

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Capital Cities

"Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast"

I am really digging this.

Seems when LA-based Capital Cities isn’t writing catchy pop songs, they are writing catchy original music for television and advertising.  Smart. 

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This might be the strongest week of the summer so far for new tunes. M83, Dum Dum Girls, and Sun Airway to name a few. Now this new Girls cut. What, am I not gonna post it cause it’s everywhere? Well that’s not gonna happen. The drums and Pink Floyd-esq harms on the hook totally got me.


     Despite knowing that this is about to be posted everywhere on the internet, I still want to put it up here because I’ve been getting into Girls more than ever this summer and I’m super excited to hear a piece of the new album, Father, Son, Holy Ghost. The song is brooding and fuzzy, with a distinct 70s rock vibe that we may have heard traces of in the group’s earlier recordings, but seems to be in full swing here. It’s definitely interesting, but entirely pleasing, to hear the gospel choir in the background and adds to that 70s feel (as well as the organ). Father, Son, Holy Ghost is set for a September 13 release, via True Panther.

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