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Post #2 for Photo Synth Project.  This track is too good not to reblog.  If you have not followed PhotoSynth yet…your just prolonging the inevitable. Follow them.




Easily one of the best tracks from the past week has been the limited edition 7” single from Chairlift being released by Terrible Records on August 16th.

“Amanaemonesia” is fun.  Despite dipping into to some of the best of the 80’s sound palette as well moments from fellow NYC pop-psych explorers MGMT and Yeasayer’s playbook, the song still sounds fresh and unique.  Oh yeah, it’s also catchy as hell.

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Erika Spring (from Au Revoir Simone)

"6 More Weeks"

Loving pretty much everything about this.  Dig her voice, the vibe, and that dry snare juxtaposed to the big roomy toms…so good.


On le savait, Erika Spring du band Au Revoir Simone s’offre une envolée solo et son premier titre, 6 more Weeks, est des plus prometteurs. Il est dispo dès aujourd’hui sur un single qu’elle partage avec Violens via le label Friendly Fire.

So Erika Spring from Au Revoir Simone is playing it solo with a very first 7” she shares with Violens on Friendly Fires. The track is called 6 More Weeks and is a pure beauty.

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"Even In His Youth"

"Even In His Youth" was the B-side to "Smells Like Teen Spirit" released on cassette single September 10, 1991.  

I can not remember how I ended up with that cassette single, but I’m glad I did.  I would burn through it and eventually Nevermind would be the first CD I ever owned.

For me, Nevermind stands less as a great record that I was into as a kid, but more as the catalyst of change that would permanently alter my perceptions of, and desires for, recorded music.

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Mack Winston & The Reflections

"One You Want (Dub Mix)"

This is rad.  Kick back and breathe in this little gem.  The original is pretty good as well…big surprise.

Get it with your email address.

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Little Racer 

"Split For The Coast"

I’m down with Little Racer.  It’s probably because I had their song "Little Racer" stuck in my head for months.  Seriously, I would be walking around or doing something completely unrelated to music and BAM! there it is in my head.  Lucky for me the song rules.  

So yeah…I’m a fan. Dig their new video for the also awesome “Split For The Coast”.


Loving this frenetic & romantic video directed by Georgia Hudson for the new New York pop outfit.  The song’s a carousel of pretty painted horses that spins faster and faster until it, like the video, turns into a blur of color and gold and mirrors. 

Pre-order the single on 7” wax w “The Town” (don’t miss this extremely catchy b-side!) from Young and Lost Club now - vinyl will drop on December 12.

Eight Bit Tiger 


Why spend all your money at Wal-Mart on Black Friday when you can have this rad 3 minute 35 second party for no more than your email address.  Dance more… for less.

Grab it over at the Chicago duo’s bandcamp.

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This Australia-based six piece band’s new track is electronic/indiepop perfection- it instantly won my love with its super dreamy vocals, ethereal vibe & damn fine handclap beats. Travel to their SoundCloud to hear mmmore!

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"Sounds Of Your Lovers"

Totally missed this dope track from the Chicago trio track last year. Pretty catchy…pretty damn good.  Get it.

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"Diamond Look" (from the Tender Opposites single)

I could listen to this all day… Get the single from Arbutus Records out on Feb. 28th.

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Capital Cities

"Kangaroo Court"

The slick-pop song crafters from L.A. ride out again with their new single “Kangaroo Court”.  It dropped late this March on their own Lazy Hooks label.  

To me these guys really understand their sound, the place they are writing from, and where they want to go.  I think they are only gonna get better.

Check out the sweet remix Shook did for the track as well. 


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"Wet & Dripping" (New Version)


While this new version of “Wet & Dripping” from Portland experimental folk outfit Aan’s upcoming record, is not terribly different from the version that appeared on their 2010 EP I Could Be Girl For Youit does reach out from the crowd of music noise and say “Play me again!”.  Loving those bass/guitar stabs.  

While your enjoying this cut, check out their new Mystery Life 7”.


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