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Brooklyn’s? Clubglove says that this was …”recorded over two days in my living room listening to Washed Out and Jeremy Lee"…Lo-fi-ness aside…there is a lot of charm here, and a lot of potential.

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Pajama People


Last Thursday whilst hanging with one of their Allston compatriots, I got a message from Pajama People that they had dropped a new EP.  Being a fan of the first EP, I was certainly excited to hear the new stuff. 

The 7 track After The Gold Rugs, is much sleepier than the previous I like Your Rugs EP.  And while the there are a few less catchy tunes, it’s a more cerebral and cohesive experience than ILYR.  Check out the AM radio gold of "Shoes" to slide into Pajama People’s mood.

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Purity Ring


So yeah… everybody and their brother is posting this track today and while I thought about abstaining, it’s just too damn good and I am just too big a fan of Purity Ring to do that so…enjoy.

You can pick up their 7” split with Braids through Fat Possum on 10/10/11.

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Lana Del Ray

"Blue Jeans"

Track/Video #2 from the blog-ubiquitous Lana Del Ray.  It’s pretty smooth.


Youth Lagoon


Youth Lagoon’s debut LP The Year Of Hibernation, is out now on Fat Possum and if you have not taken the time to let it wash over you, you are really missing out.  22 year old Boise, ID native Trevor Powers writes candidly about his own personal struggles and one is left with the feeling they have just witnessed a confession of a very intimate nature.  A very beautifully musical nature.  

Just let “Seventeen” unfold…you’ll get it.



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Young Man

"Then and Now"

Audiotree Live Session + mp3

Loving this.


Last night was the second time I was lucky enough to catch these talented young gents live. With Chicago’s Young Man, fronted by 22 year old Colin Caulfield, the brilliance runs deep and the need for special effects are minimal. It’s truly a pleasure to experience a live show that out shines an artist’s recorded work. Doesn’t happen that often. Listen to this amazing track above and watch the live recording below. So good.

Young Man performs “Then and Now” live at Audiotree Studios

Buy Young Man’s lovely debut record Ideas of Distance out now on French Kiss Records.

Check out more live Audiotree Sessions HERE.

Bobby Long

"Two Tone Lover"

Classic crooner vibes from a modern singer/songwriter.

Catch him at Joe’s Pub tonight 11/8. 

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North London singer/songwriter Elena Tonra, a.k.a. Daughter, released The Wild Youth EP yesterday and it’s one of the strongest self-releases I have heard this year. 

Calling to mind a stripped down Bat For Lashes with a forlorn Florence Welch-esq vocal, the four mid to slow tempo tracks on The Wild Youth are brooding and beautiful, yet never boring.  Subtle, yet confident in her delivery while displaying a knack for smart and incredibly effective arrangements, color me impressed.  


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Pajama People

"They Keep Saying"

Imagine early ’70s horror movies or some creepy 16mm found footage of the same time….then have a first listen at this haunting slow-burner from Allston, MA based Pajama People.  This is a real-night-time-candle-lit-room-Ouija-board-freak-yourself out jam…I like it.     

Recorded in their home studio in Winchester, MA this is the first single off their 2012 debut LP.           

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I was all over last years “Hands”, a slick-funk pop gem that introduced me to the fantastic Australian band Hands.  

This week Alpine returned with the first single, “Gasoline”, a slow summer afternoon groove, from their forthcoming debut LP A Is For Alpine, out August 10th on Ivy League Records.  

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So smart from Indoor Voices on Vimeo.

Check out this video for “So Smart” from Indoor Voices new EP S/T which I mixed:


Indoor Voices - So smart

Judging by how much I’ve been posting them lately, my inbox has been flooded over with excellent music videos. Here is the latest from Toronto artist Jonathan Relph in a collaboration with director Scott Kaija and feating the dead-eyed gaze of Irene Cortes that I’m thrilled to premiere for y’all. Heady, beautiful stuff.

Get this self-titled EP on ltd. wax from Bleeding Gold Records.

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