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Cities Aviv


I posted Black Box a few weeks back and have been sitting on this gem for a second.  I love the laid back yet aggressive vibe.  It’s street soul.  Get it.

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TV Girl

"Benny and the Jetts"

San Diego strikes again!  I have been loving on TV Girl’s new Benny and The Jets EP.

While slicing up breakbeats over some classic soul and R&B isn’t new, Benny comes off pretty fresh, fun, and super listenable.  You can snag the EP for free just in time for the weekend.

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The Stepkids

"Legend In My Own Mind"

I first stumbled on classic soul and R&B laced The Stepkids earlier this year when I heard "Shadows on Behalf".  Coincidentally, I ended up cutting an EP with the bassist Dan (awesome dude) and we became friends.  The band is now poised to release their first full length on Stones Throw on 9/27 and "Legend In My Own Mind" is the second single.  It’s pretty classic.  It’s pretty great.  Get it.

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"No Disguise" 

Games (a.k.a. Ford & Lopatin)

Cut, paste, dance…repeat.


Seriously, how good is this tune? It’s got soo much soul and the right amount of funk.

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Alabama Shakes

"You Ain’t Alone"

The hype is well deserved.  

You have probably heard about Alabama Shakes around the web.  Maybe it was NPR, maybe it was coverage of their Bowery set during CMJ.  If your like me, maybe you have been slow to verify the hype.  Well thanks to IGIF, you can cross me of the list.  I’m sold. 

I could probably write 500 words on how the songs feel so good so immediately or how it reminds me of Janis with Big Brother and The Holding Company.  I could ramble on about how it swells the nostalgic emotions of a man enamored by sound before an era of polluted overworked, formula driven, momentary dance candy.  Maybe I could point how I had them on repeat for hours and had the immediate compulsion to send an email to some of my toughest music friends.  But really, I would rather just get back to listening to the EP.    

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"Odd Soul"

Recently a client gave me this record as a reference for how they wanted their new single to sound.  ”Odd Soul” slinks like a zombie pimp in the throws of becoming fully undead.  

Having been familiar with Mutemath, I was surprised by the blown out bluesy soul style of Odd Soul.  I was even more surprised at how much I really liked the sound of the record…it’s pretty damn awesome.  

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Ending the year with some strong cuts.  Put this one on repeat.


One million life points to Tennis for winning song of the day so earlier on in the competition. Just kidding it’s not a competition, it’s just great music. For their forthcoming album guitarist Patrick Riley, vocalist Aliana Moore and drummer James Barone of Tennis headed to Nashville to work with The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney. “Origins,” is a product of that session, and part of a double A-Side with another new track, “Deep In The Woods”. I am such a sucker for the back story.

Tennis announced today that their sophomore album Young And Old, will drop next February via All Tomorrow’s Parties Recordings. If these songs are any indication of what their album will sound like, lots of “Best Of” year-end lists will include these guys. There is so much do-wop sentiment going on right now. The bar for 2012 has been raised.

(I had to blog this because it makes me want to fall in love and stop being an asshole).

Watch the video for “Deep In The Woods” that premiered on RS below.

You can buy “Origins” and “Deep In The Woods” on iTunes.

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Diluted Giants


Dig this breezy number from North Carolina’s Diluted Giants.  Their No Good Asuras EP strikes me as a pleasant blend of White Denim and Ariel Pink…with moments of Chicago meets early Pink Floyd.  

You should really just press play and dig it for yourself.  Get it.

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London Bridges

"Hold Me Close"

This is damn sexy…the kind of mood setter that puts the bed in bedroom.  

Check out the beautifully restrained downtempo LoveSongs EP over and bandcamp.

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"Hey Love"

On repeat.