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Garden Parties

"Under The Sun"

Yesterday, I woke up to this track in my inbox…I was stoked.  I later came to find out this was the fledgling work of Boston’s Luke Brandfon aka Garden Parties.  I love the summer glaze to the vocals, the pimp single note rhythm guitar keeping the groove down, the trashy slurry to the hi-hats, the vocal pads.  Sonically, it has obvious similarity to its forebearers, but if chillwave music never dies, so doesn’t the feeling…especially in the spring. 

You can pick up Under The Sun at bandcamp. Looking forward to what comes next!

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I am so ready for summer…and Shades are awesome.  Check out all their summer style over at Soundcloud.

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Zach Foty

"April’s Jacket"

Yet another summer jam from the always giving tree of bandcamp.  This time it’s Minneapolis’s Zach Foty on the well-crafted 2’s and 4’s giving us another four minutes and twenty seconds worth of reasons to stay out in the sun.

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"Satin Skies"

The wonderful people at Beachtapes were kind enough to reach out with the awesome new Triptides single Going Under/Satin Skies

With 20’ guitar strums breaking into soft sandy vocals under the warm reverbed sun, the surf’s way up at nostalgia beach! 

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"Want 2 Ride"

Bewilderbeast dropped the U Know EP on Monday.  Get it…but only if you like dope poolside summer jams.

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Chrome Sparks

"All There Is" (featuring Steffaloo)

When the bass kicks in…  so dope.


Loving the new Chrome Sparks oh so much. My <3 dropped last night, and from start to finish it’s a blissful journey into lovely reverbed vocals and melodic beats that will keep this record on heavy rotation long after summer has gone. Lots more blaag love for Chrome Sparks to come. <3

My <3 is available via Bandcamp, and streaming on Soundcloud.

Gluttony Is The New Black

Wildcat! Wildcat! 

"End of The World Everyday"

Andriana over at GITNB said I would like this…she was right.


Wildcat! Wildcat! are Portugal. The Man fans wishing Queen was still a band, packing five friends in a car, hot boxing that shit, then pounding some beers in the parking lot before heading into the show. Not that it’s a bad thing.

Know who else was a hit in the 70s/80s? Gene Wilder. I might have had one too many weed laced gluten free brownies this morning, so correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t “End Of The World” have the same melody at Willy Wonka’s “Pure Imagination?” Yes. Yes, it does.

Of course we all miss Queen, but they’re not coming back, and well Portugal. The Man needed an opening act for their next tour, so stop making comparisons and get into the piano-laden pop ballads of LA’s Wildcat! Wildcat!. Their shit is fucking catchy. The duo writes perfect summer playlist jamz that are going to make your friends say, “Yo dude, who is this?”

I don’t know if these guys are dropping an album or just had too much free time, but if you are in LA, Wildcat! Wildcat! are playing Central in Santa Monica on March 14th.

Wildcat! Wildcat! | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook

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Let’s start off the week with this great percussive 80’s-inspired summer jam from California sister-trio Haim.  It’s clear and tight production feel like a welcome respite from a seemingly universal assault of woozy, verbed out groups.  

According to their bio, they cut their teeth playing with their parents traveling band, reminiscent of The Kings Of Leon story.  Well, they are on their own now and have released a three song EP you can grab for the price of your email at their site.

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Patrick Baker

"Get 2 Know U"

Dig this perfect blend of How Will I Know meets 80’s sitcom theme meets 80’s summer rom-com falling in love montage music.  

Baker, a nashville-based singer songwriter producer, tip-toes the line of retro cheesy and nostalgically awesome quite well.  Get the track free at bandcamp.

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I was all over last years “Hands”, a slick-funk pop gem that introduced me to the fantastic Australian band Hands.  

This week Alpine returned with the first single, “Gasoline”, a slow summer afternoon groove, from their forthcoming debut LP A Is For Alpine, out August 10th on Ivy League Records.  

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Slow Magic

"On Yr Side"

Check the new single from everyone’s favorite purveyor of never ending summer sunshine. 

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Young Hunting


Stumbled across this last week on a bandcamp search for some dreamy summer music.  

If your still worked over from a long week of festivities put this relaxed-out pop gem from the L.A. five-piece on repeat and slip into the new work week.  Get It.

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I must admit, I was not crazy about Mike Diaz’s, aka Millionyoung, previous LP effort Replicants.  However, if this first single from his forthcoming Variable LP, out on Old Flame Records on Feb. 12th, is any indication, I am probably gonna be a fan. 

This is just the right amount of relax.

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