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Human League

"Mirror Man"

I wouldn’t consider Human League to be obscure by any stretch, but I am always surprised by how many people who dig synth pop do not know about them.  Maybe they didn’t know it was Human League that wrote that song they heard that time that they really liked.

Anyway…here is Mirror Man.  It’s no doubt a rad track that you may have heard in commercials.  It’s a got a touch of that Motown soul that lifts it a bit out of the synth pop genre.  Dig that bass lick in the pre-chorus, the backing vocals in the verse and chorus, the tamborine that overtakes the snare.

Mirror Man is not Human League’s biggest hit, but you can find the other 3 big HL cuts everywhere, the obvious and amazing Don’t You Wan’t Me  and (Keep Feeling) Fascination, as well as the hit ballad Human.

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Damn this is good…totally slept on this.


I had total mixtape regret yesterday. It happens every time. When I hit publish for the post for No Rush, I knew instantly that I should of used Adventure’s song Rio. I had seen him just a few days prior in Baltimore before curating the mix and he was a ton of fun. First time he’d had a “full band”. Full band meaning another bro keeping the beat alive and another synthin’ out and singing also.

But alas today is a new day where I can share this Baltimore goodness.

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Paper Bear

"We Can Still Dance"

Japan’s Paper Bear makes patient glitchy synth dance pop a touch reminiscent of Gang Gang Dance.  Not too aggressive, but bouncy enough to keep you listening.  Love that synth bass lick…this almost sounds like a modern version of "Genius of Love.

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Champagne For Dinner

"Don’t Call This Destiny"

Here is some awesome weirdness I stumbled upon today.  Love that 80’s synth funk.

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This is rad.


FM Belfast - “New Year”

Chad Valley

"Now That I’m Real"


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Air Drops


Probably should have waited to hear back from Air Drops to get more info on them for you guys, but oh well.  This track is awesome and perfect for hot weather, do you really need more?  Well, maybe just this.

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Stand Up Against Heart Crime

"I Can’t Stand Myself Sober"

I find Josep Xorto’s bedroom EP curriosly addictive.  The vibe is mellow but possess a smoldering intensity just under the surface.  The vintage drum machine never breaks and Josep’s voice is cool as if he can not believe he showed to actually record his vocals, and was like “oh well, I guess I’ll just be awesome”. Get it.

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Kitten Berry Crunch

"When This Is Over"

This is kinda stupid, right?? It’s tongue in cheek. The band name is ridiculous. It kind sounds like Head Automatica meets an early 90’s synth pop band. But why do I keep listening to it??!! Why??!! Sometimes, you have no control over things you really like. Get it.

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Air Drops

"Giants of Canaan"

This dude is killin me.


"The Bay"

This track is the jam.


“Conditional Joy”

Rad track to start the week off with.  Yes… I said rad

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Ana Lola Roman

"Klutch" (Com Truise Remix)

It’s rare I meet someone I can effortlessly talk to about music.  I had that pleasure while hanging out with Brooklyn singer/performance artist Ana Lola Roman this weekend, she’s pretty awesome.  So is this remix of her vogue-esq track Klutch by her buddy Com Truise.  

Check out Klutch and the rest of Ana Lola Roman’s music on her Soundcloud page and follow her on Tumblr.

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