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Hooray for Earth

"True Loves"

This has been around and around the web, and all of this rules.

We Are Animal

Luminous Lights

via mvmvmv:

Fruit Bats

"You’re Too Wierd"

This video is such a spot on parody, it’s amazing.  Thanks for the tip from my buds Pure Bathing Culture who you should be following.


68 Depeche Mode Century Box 1981 constans72 (by constans72)


FLORENCE + THE MACHINE | What the Water Gave Me

Florence + The Machine formed in 2007 in London, England, United Kingdom. The band is the recording name of singer/songwriter Florence Welch and a collaboration of other artists who provide backing music for her; Florence Welch is the band’s only constant member. The current touring lineup of the band is Florence Welch (vocals), Robert Ackroyd (guitar), Isabella Summers (keyboards), Tom Monger (harp), Mark Saunders (bass), Christopher Lloyd Hayden (drums).

A first NEW taste of her new material and I must admit, I am at ease listening to this - everything is beautiful about her.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults

“Teenage Tide”

This video is kinda whack, despite the cute girls, in that it seems like every shot is a super cliche, but the track is a winner.  I mean I thought this was a new M83 single for a second.  Yeah, the track is really good.


The video for Letting Up Despite Great Faults’ track “Teenage Tide” will definitely have you thinking “I wished my summer was exactly like this, every single day of it”. The playful footage sums up the finest parts of the past summer season, reminding you of the days when you actually had the entire summer season off to do nothing but avoid getting older at every chance you get. This pop gem can be found off of their most recent Paper Crush EP out now on Old Flame Records. You can grab the mp3 over at their Soundcloud as well.

Dum Dum Girls

"Bedroom Eyes"

I was skeptical of their too-much-like-Mazzy-Star sound, but the hooks just keep coming.  I am being converted. 

Little Racer 

"Split For The Coast"

I’m down with Little Racer.  It’s probably because I had their song "Little Racer" stuck in my head for months.  Seriously, I would be walking around or doing something completely unrelated to music and BAM! there it is in my head.  Lucky for me the song rules.  

So yeah…I’m a fan. Dig their new video for the also awesome “Split For The Coast”.


Loving this frenetic & romantic video directed by Georgia Hudson for the new New York pop outfit.  The song’s a carousel of pretty painted horses that spins faster and faster until it, like the video, turns into a blur of color and gold and mirrors. 

Pre-order the single on 7” wax w “The Town” (don’t miss this extremely catchy b-side!) from Young and Lost Club now - vinyl will drop on December 12.


"Nobody Eats My Dinner"

Filter premiered this last week.



Love the vibe of this.





2:54 return to the U.S. this week, newly signed to Fat Possum, for Brooklyn Vegan’s SXSW show and some dates on both coasts.  Come check them out with me at Glasslands on 3/11.

Jeremy Schmidt

"Beyond The Black Rainbow"

This is a scene from Beyond The Black Rainbow, the music was done by Jeremy Schmidt of Sinoia Caves and Black MountainLove this track.

Quality viewing…with Billy Corgan.



Cooley sly, I dig the vibe.  Catch them next week at Glasslands 6/1.

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